The Atopack Dolphin Joyetech is a kit easy to use, reliable and provides a pleasant vape for a reasonable price.

A simple and compact kit

Evolution of Penguin , the kit  Atopack Dolphin Joyetech does not look like an electronic cigarette, at least as we usually see them. Very compact and curvaceous, it offers a natural grip and ergonomic. The large button allows to trigger with the index finger, the palm of the thumb or even the palm with equal ease.

This button has a firm and clean click, and it is the only one on this kit whose specifications favor simplicity of use. It takes 5 quick presses to turn it on or off, press to vape and we just go through the instructions.

Just under the button, the micro USB plug allows to recharge the internal battery of 2100 mAh in one hour if you have a charger 2 A. The autonomy is satisfactory with the resistances of 1,2 ohm, but a little fair with those of 0.25 ohm. We can hold the day with the first, but it will provide an intermediate load with the most powerful.

Finally, at the bottom of the facade, there is a row of 5 LEDs that indicate the remaining charge level of the battery. It is simple and largely sufficient, like the whole kit that allows to vaper pleasantly without the need for 3 days of learning.

Technical Review

The essential characteristics of Joyetech’s Atopack Dolphin

  • Dimensions (L – l – h): 100 x 50 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 91 g
  • Battery: integrated 2100 mAh
  • Charging current max. : 2 A
  • Max power: 50 W
  • Airflow : not adjustable
  • Capacity: 6 ml

The box includes

  • 1 Atopack Dolphin
  • 1 Atopack Dolphin cartridge
  • 1 resistance Atopack JVIC3 1.2 ohm
  • 1 resistance Atopack JVIC2 0.25 ohm
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 manual

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An original tank

Before vapping, you must still install the resistor and fill the tank. And before that, you have to separate the tank from the battery, which is sometimes a bit difficult. Everything is made of shiny plastic, which is very pretty but just as slippery. And if the fingers and the kit are not perfectly clean and degreased, it slips, it does not come and it’s annoying. We get there in the end, but it’s too late, we’re annoyed, and why Joyetech has not planned a less slippery coating, no, but it’s true, what, in the end.

To fill the tank, it is opened by the small silicone plug on the side. This leaves a hole wide enough for all common bottle tips, filling is easy and clean. The capacity is a comfortable 6 ml of liquid, we will not have to repeat the operation too often.

It remains to place the resistance, starting by removing the plastic cover that replaces it before the first use. Again, no difficulty, just put the resistance in the right direction since it is not symmetrical. The resistors are also easy to remove for replacement.

A nice but steady vape

Whatever the resistance that is installed, it is she who defines the air intake since it is not adjustable on the kit. It is done by the two inputs on the tank, which have no adjustment device. It can be argued that this is a plus for ease of use, it is nonetheless a defect for versatility and vape approval. A defect to be moderated by the very design of the kit, the power is not adjustable anyway. 

The 0.25 ohm resistor (left on the picture) has a large inside diameter, which allows air to pass easily. We have an air flow, unrestrictive, perfect for direct inhalation. The production of steam is consistent, the rendering of flavors very satisfactory. 

The 1.2 ohm resistor has a thin inner diameter of about 1.2 mm. The airflow is restricted by all, and perfect for indirect inhalation. The Dolphin corrects the main deficiency of the Penguin that offers only direct inhalation. The production of steam is of course reduced, as the consumption of liquid, but the battery life significantly increased and the rendering of flavors surprisingly good.

Whatever the resistance, the capillarity is good and I had no leak with one as with the other. On the other hand, the liquid arrives on the cotton only from the top of the resistance, and with that of 0,25 ohm and a liquid in PG / 80 VG the rendering becomes less good if one vape several times of continuation. The bottom of the cotton should take longer to imbibe, and you end up having a little aftertaste cotton a little dry. It is enough to vape more slowly so that the cotton has the time to imbibe homogeneously, or to use a liquid in 30/70 for example. Nothing really bad.

In summary

 WE love

  • Its compactness
  • Its design
  • The large capacity of the tank
  • The pleasant vape
  • The possibility of direct or indirect vape

 We do not like

  • No airflow adjustment
  • Autonomy reduced with resistance in 0.25 ohm
  • Removing the tank sometimes difficult


Our rating: 4/5 . The Atopack Dolphin from Joyetech is a very simple kit, compact, ergonomic and versatile. The vape it provides is pleasant, and it can be blamed only a flow of air not adjustable beyond the choice of resistance and a reservoir sometimes difficult to open. The capacity of 6 ml of liquid is generous, that of the battery a little less, especially with the resistances of 0.25 ohm. A very good kit anyway, which fixes the Penguin’s gap for indirect inhalation.

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Joyetech ATOPACK DOLPHIN starter kit

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Joyetech eGo AIO review

Joyetech eGo AIO

The eGo AIO by Joyetech is a discrete “pen” like device marketed at people who want to make the switch from smoking to vaping. The device has a 1500mAh battery capacity and the integrated leak-proof tank holds 2ml of E-Liquid. It features convenient top filling and the top cap is a child-proof design.

Joyetech eGo AIO features

  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Length: 118mm
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity 1500mAh
  • Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm (15 – 28W)
  • Available in the following colours: Black, Black/Grey, Black/White, Red/White, Silver
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Adjustable airflow caters to mouth to lung users as well as offering a restrictive lung inhale
  • Top filling
  • Child-proof top cap
  • Leak-proof tank

What’s in the box?

  • 1x I SAY
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2x eGO AIO 0.6ohm Stainless Steel 316 Coils
  • User Manual
  • 1x Spare Pyrex Drip Tip
  • Coil Priming Guide Card

Joyetech eGO AIO styling and build quality

The eGO AIO is a nice and discrete device. It is also reasonably light and it feels comfortable to hold. The actual styling is kind of futuristic and I am not that keen on the two tone grey and black version that I received for review because it has a kind of plastic look. If I was buying one of these products I think I would go for either the full silver or the black which to me looks much better. Taste varies heavily between people so you might even like the styling. In terms of construction it feels decent and well put together. The fire button is comfortable and quite responsive with only a very slight rattle present.

The device does light up while you vape but on the plus side of things it means you can see the juice level in the tank if you are prone to vaping in the dark. It can of course be switched off.

The eGO AIO comes with two drip tips, a Delrin one and a Pyrex one. If you are serious about flavour then definitely use the Pyrex one even if it does tend to result in a lot of condensation build up. You can also swap it with a drip tip from your collection since the ones that I tried fitted without issues.

The tank holds 2ml of juice and is integrated into the device itself. In my opinion this is a shame since it makes things a little tricky when cleaning. Joyetech claims that the tank is completely leak-proof and I certainly did not come across any leaking while using this device.

What I really think is a superb feature is the child-proof top cap which offers parents some peace of mind if they should accidentally leave this device lying around. We have had child proof E-Liquid bottles for ages so a child-proof tank is an ingenious idea. The upper most section of the top cap allows you to adjust the airflow to restrictive mouth to lung vaping and more opened up where it becomes more of a restrictive lung inhale kind of vape.

The internal battery has a 1500mAh capacity which while decent enough for a modest user could be a little better. In fairness it is miles better than the limited capacity of the early eGO batteries that users like myself had to put with. The Micro USB port is located on the back of the tube just beneath one of the tank windows. There is a single air hole in the base of the device to provide battery ventilation.

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Ease of use

The included manual is actually rather good, everything is explained clearly along with diagrams and providing you take a few minutes to read it you will not run into any problems.

The kit contains two identical coils and neither is pre-installed. In my opinion this is a good thing because it means you will learn how to fit it and also how to prime it. It also means you won’t just fill up the tank, press the fire button and burn out the coil. First time vapers should definitely read the included Coil Priming Card.

The device does light up when you vape which I admit could get on peoples nerves. The light can be set to a choice of different colours and if you are really self-conscious about it you can thankfully switch it off. Switching the lighting off will also save a little on battery life.

To get into the tank you need to press down the top cap before twisting since it is child-proof. The correct fill level is marked so do take care not to overfill because when you press down the top cap it will displace the juice and things could get messy fast.

To adjust the airflow you twist the upper section of the top cap. The most open setting is when both of the little dots are aligned with one another. To set the tank to mouth to lung there is not an indicated setting but I found turning the upper section ninety degrees to be perfectly fine for a very restrictive vape.

How does it vape?

Considering I use a lot of high powered devices these days I will be honest and say I wasn’t expecting a great deal from a starter kit, I’m not knocking these kits at all just pointing out that my vaping has evolved. However the eGO AIO actually really surprised me. I had primed the coil and filled up the tank with some Monarch E-Liquids Citadel. I set the airflow to mouth to lung and took my first vape and remarkably it was really nice.

Flavour was rather good, not at all washed out and I really liked the tight/restrictive draw because it was really close to what I was used to when I smoked. Vapour production was also rather generous and comparable to the amount of smoke a typical cigarette puts out.

With the airflow fully opened up you can do direct lung inhales but it is still quite restricted.  The vapour production increases by quite a degree but it is not as overkill as some Sub Ohm tanks. I guess you could compare the vapour production to the amount of smoke you would get if you put two cigarettes in your mouth and smoked both at the same time which I am sure plenty of us have done when heavily inebriated. No? Well perhaps that was just me back in the bad old days.

I did find that flavour was even better and crisper if you make use of the included Pyrex drip tip.

Tank capacity is a little limited but considering that you will be mainly vaping this device mouth to lung I don’t really think you will drain the juice too quickly. The device is not exactly high powered and you do have that nice top filling feature.

Providing you are a modest vaper the battery should last you all day long. Charging time was roughly 2-2.5 hours.


Out of all the starter kits I have reviewed recently I feel that this product is certainly one of the most suitable for people switching from smoking to vaping. The reasoning is simple, this product offers a dedicated mouth to lung vape which is nice and restrictive. The coils offer good flavour and more than adequate vaper production. In addition the airflow options will allow a new user to gradually adjust to lung inhaling should they ever wish too.

The product is extremely straightforward to use and safety features such as the child-proof top cap are very welcome if you have kids around.  There are a few things I am not so keen on, firstly the battery capacity which while probably acceptable for modest vapers could do with being a little bit better considering the competition.

Integrating the tank into the design is something of an issue since it means you have to be really careful when washing it out. Water could very easily make its way into the Micro USB port and we all know that water and electronics don’t mix. Personally if I was regularly using this device I would be tempted to put some masking tape over the port when cleaning.

I have read mixed reports about the coils that come with this device burning out quickly. They are actually the same ones used in the Cubis tank and to be fair to the manufacturer I have not had any issues with them so that could be down to a couple of dud batches. Of course you do need to keep in mind that I have only used this device for a couple of days but realistically Stainless Steel coils typically have a decent lifespan and you do get two in the kit.

In my opinion the good points about this product outweigh the negative ones and I feel that if you would like to make the switch from smoking to vaping then the eGO AIO is a very worthwhile product for a first time user.  I liked it a lot and I really wish I could have got one of these over three years ago!

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Joyetech eGo AIO Kit

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Light Psychedelia: Orbiter GT230 TC Box Mod by Hugo Vapor

The company Hugo Vapor has released a device Orbiter GT230. The lightweight box mod has a bright ergonomic design, a color display and a maximum power of 230 watts.

June 12, the company Hugo Vapor introduced in instagrame new device  Orbiter GT230 . Boksmod performed in ergonomic form with smooth lines and a complete lack of angles, in three bright patterns. The body was made of plastic and covered with nylon, due to which the weight of the device was significantly reduced. The landing area received a diameter of 30 mm, as well as a relief pattern in the shape of a star of David. The fire button was given a certain resemblance to the trigger and sent to the front side of the handle. At the end there was a panel with a color display, three control buttons and a USB port. A hinged battery cover was installed at the bottom.

The device is powered by two 18650 batteries, each has a separate indicator. Charging via USB-port current up to 2A. The board supports varivatt, thermal control and custom mode settings. Gives a box mod up to 230 watts of power. The resistance range is 0.06 to 3 ohms.

The device comes with a USB cable and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Size – 96 by 58 by 38 mm
  • Weight – 70 grams
  • Material – plastic, nylon, stainless steel
  • Maximum power – 230 watts
  • Thermal control – 100 ℃ –315 ℃ / 200 ℉ –600 ℉
  • Charging current up to 2 A

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Hugo Vapor Orbiter GT230 Box Mod

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Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod – how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???

The company Sigelei, which is overgrown with brands-daughters from all sides, has released another new product. This is a boxing mod with a promising and “immodest” name Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod .
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
Let’s try to find out together what this copy deserved the highest place on the “podium”.

Dimensions: 89 x 55.8 x 32mm
Weight: unknown
Case material: zinc alloy
Power supply: 2 * 18650
Output power: 10 – 230W
Voltage range: 1.0 – 7.5V Peak
current: 38A
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI ), TCR
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 570/100 ℃ – 300
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3.0Ω
Protection: from low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, incorrect polarity, overcharge / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes, color, 1.3 ”
Micro-USB port / charging: there, charging current 2A
Color: black, Gun metal
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
– Sigelei TOP1 mod
– the USB cable
– user manual
– warranty certificate
– certificate
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
The design is rather controversial, in the sense that it will go down to many and become the top 1 in the ranking. Developers “treacherously” draw a parallel with knights, their armor and weapons. As for me, except for a stylized shield on the back of the device, nothing more sends us back to the times of valiant warriors. Or, perhaps, the carbon carbon side inserts cause someone to associate with the Middle Ages ???
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
At first glance, this device reminded the products of the company REV. Well, this is understandable – all because of the similar design of the desktop display. But in real life, at least kill me, I have only one association – this is a thing, like a pressure gauge called, which shows the pressure in household tonometers.

The landing area and the connector are made of steel. Landing large atoms should be “successful”, I think, even 25mm will sit comfortably.
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
The fire button is located on a smaller end, it is elongated and has a small indentation – it promises to be comfortable.

The control panel fits a large HD screen that doesn’t look very good, although the information on it is easy to read, and there are no bright and “eye-cutting” colors in the color scheme. Immediately control buttons and charging connector.
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
Performance, as always, excellent. As a power supply, the box mod uses only 18650 batteries, which is rather strange. Access to the latter is at the expense of a hinged cover at the base of the device.
Sigelei TOP1 Box Mod - how do you call a yacht, so it will sail ???  - not in this case...
The price is currently unknown, since the release took place only this morning.

Advantages / disadvantages
+ performance
+ ergonomics
– / + design

Now It’s Available :

Sigelei Top1 230W TC Kit

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Smoant Ranker 218W Review

The Smoant Cylon 218W was one of my top five favorite vape mods of 2017. I loved the ergonomic design, the giant 510 connection plate, the large color display, the leather inserts, pretty much everything about it, really. As far as I know, the Cylon has been getting generally favorable reviews, but Smoant apparently decided to make the same features of their latest flagship device available in a completely different package. Was that an inspired decision? Let’s check out the new Smoant Ranker and find out.

A Look at the Contents

The Smoant Ranker comes in a large, square cardboard box, with a silver design of the mod on the front, and a list of contents, company information and scratch-and-check authenticity seal on the back.

Inside the box, we have the Smoant Ranker 218 dual-battery mod, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and a bunch of warranty, quality control and battery warning cards.  It’s pretty much the standard vape mod kit.

Design and Build Quality

The Smoant Ranker measures 60mm x 31.5mm x 92mm, is made primarily of zinc alloy, and comes in three different color options – black, tarnish and camo. In case you’re wondering, the tarnish version is basically a gunmetal with brown snake-like leather elements.

I personally look at the Smoant Ranker a Cylon 218W with a very different design. Whereas the Cylon was a compact dual-18650 mod with a classic fire button, the Ranker is a considerably bulkier device and features a firing bar to activate the batteries. The two look very different at first glance, but you soon realize that they actually share a few design elements as well, like the leather inserts and the same exact style of display and menu system.

If you can ignore the design aspect, you’ll learn that the Smoant Ranker and Smoant Cylon are virtually the same. They are powered by the same Ant218 v2 chip, so they have the same max power output (218W), the same colored display, the same menu system and navigation, and the exact same features. Smoant basically wanted to make their Cylon mod available in a different design as well.

There are plenty of popular bulky dual-18650 mods out there – the VooPoo Drag and Stentorian Basilisk come to mind – so I can understand why Smoant went for a wider frame with the Ranker, but I just wish they had taken advantage of its increased size instead of actually making it feel smaller, in some regards, than the Cylon.

By far my biggest gripe with the Smoant Ranker is the 510 connection. Instead of using the same massive connection as on the Cylon, which could accommodate 30mm-diameter atomizers with no overhang, they just went with a much smaller one that only fits tanks and RDAs up to 25mm in diameter, without overhang. For some reason, they decided to have it placed on a raised platform instead of on the mod itself to make sure you get overhang if you use attys larger than 25mm. It makes no sense at all, in my opinion. Why make the mod bigger and the connection smaller?!?

The second most annoying thing about the Ranker is the display. At first glance, it looks huge, but once you power on the device you realize that only half of it is actually functional, the rest is just screen protection. I could live with that, after all, most companies use large screen protectors to make their displays appear larger. As long as it had the same vibrant colors as the Cylon 218W display, I was happy. Only it didn’t.

I thought the Ranker display was a bit too dim, so I tried going into the menu to bump-up the brightness, only to find that it was already at maximum. Thinking my eyes deceived me, I decided to look at the Smoant Ranker and Cylon mods side-by-side. The difference in screen brightness was staggering. The Cylon was as bright as the sun compared to that barely visible screen of the Ranker.

As far as I can tell, it’s not a problem with the display itself – unless Smoant decided to tone down the brightness for some reason – but with that screen protector and how far back from it the screen itself actually is. The Ranker appears to have a heavily tinted screen protector, and the display itself is located further back from the protector than on the Cylon 218. This would explain the massive difference in brightness.

I can only hope that the screen issue is only a problem on review samples that Smoant sent out, and that the review versions will feature the bright version that impressed me so much on the Cylon mod.

These two elements, the small 510 connection and the dim screen made a pretty bad impression on me, so much so that I could care less about everything else. You can see the mod’s shape in the photos. If you like bulkier mods and prefer firing bars to the classic fire button, you’ll probably like it.

The battery door is the same hinged system we’ve seen on the Smoant and countless other vape mods before. It’s a tried and true system, so nothing to complain about here. But wait, what’s that? What’s that dead space next to the battery compartment? Is that a huge chunk of space Smoant simply ignored? They could have made the mod smaller, or, better yet, keep the bulky frame and make it compatible with larger capacity batteries, like 20700’s or even 21700’s. Now that would have been sweet! Instead we’re stuck with 18650’s and dead space…

The device as a whole feels very nice in the hand, the paint job is flawless, and there’s absolutely no rattle at all. Build quality is as high as we’ve come to expect from Smoant ever since their original Battlestar 200W mod, but due to the multiple design flaws, the Ranker still feels like a wasted opportunity.

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Menu System and Navigation

Since the Smoant Ranker uses the exact same board as the Cylon 218W, they have the exact same menu system and navigation. So for more thorough information about settings and features, check out my review of the Smoant Cylon.

If you don’t feel like reading my in-depth presentation of the Smoant Ant218 v2 menu system, I can tell you that it is one of the most feature-rich and at the same time most intuitive menus I have ever used on an advanced vape mod. Apart from the usual Power Mode and Temp. Control, you also have TCR and adjustable Curves modes (both for wattage and temperature), as well as two display themes to choose from, a list of 9 wallpapers and all the secondary options as on the Cylon.

Battery Life and Performance

Again, this section of the review is going to be identical to that in my review of the Smoant Cylon, so there’s no point in going into details. Smoant chips have also been a bit more conservative with how low they allow the battery voltage to drop before displaying the “low battery” warning, and the Ranker is no different. At the same time, the Ant 218 v2 chip is also very efficient, so you shouldn’t see a noticeable difference in battery life between the Ranker and other advanced dual-18650 mods. If anything, you should see this as an extra safety, not a con.

However, Smoant could have definitely improved the Ranker’s battery life considerably by making it compatible with higher capacity batteries. They had space available, and you need only open the battery door to see just how much dead space there was to work with.

In terms of performance, I have nothing negative to say about the Smoant Ranker. It works just as well as the Smoant Cylon, and if you’ve read my review of that device, you already know how impressed I was with it. There’s no firing delay at all, as soon as you press the firing bar, the atomizer coil starts to sizzle, so that’s always a good thing.

The power output feels accurate, although I don’t have the technical know-how and equipment to test it, and the temp-control test for stainless steel SS316 revealed that the And 218 v2 board does a great job of reading temperatures. I only got the slightest brown hue by firing the mod several times during the cotton test.

So yeah, in terms of performance, I have to give both the Ranker and the Cylon (same device, really) an A+.


I have no problem with manufacturers using the same exact chips in multiple devices, just as long as they add something, anything new that might appeal to a niche of vapers. In the case of the Smoant Ranker, I am really struggling to find out what that something is. Yes, it’s a bit bigger than the Cylon and has a firing bar instead of a classic fire button, but other than that, it’s actually an inferior device. The 510 connection only fits attys up to 25mm in diameter, whereas the smaller Cylon takes 30mm atomizers with no overhang, and the Ranker display is a lot dimmer than the one on its predecessor.

But, I would have still been happy with the Ranker if they had made it compatible with larger batteries like 20700’s or even 21700’s. That would have been enough to give the Smoant Ranker its own identity. Instead, they just gave it a new design that is in many ways inferior to that of the Cylon. It’s a missed opportunity is what it is…

Is the Smoant Ranker s bad mod? No, certainly not, but I just couldn’t help compare it to the vastly superior Cylon 218W, hence the apparent negative tone of this review. If you’re looking for great build quality and performance, the Smoant Ranker is a good choice, just know that you can get the same qualities and features in a much better package – the Smoant Cylon.

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Smoant Ranker 218W TC/VW Box Mod

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