GeekVape Aegis Squonk Kit Review

The Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit is a super comfortable and durable single battery squonk mod that comes paired with the Tengu RDA.geekvape aegis squonk review

Geek Vape need little by way of introduction. They are among the most well known of vape manufactures. Over the last few years they have cultivated a great name for themselves for innovation.

Geek Vape aegis collection
Geek Vape Aegis line up

One of their most successful and popular ranges is the Aegis line of mods. The original Aegis 26650, Aegis Legend, Aegis Mini, Aegis Solo and Aegis X and now they’ve added a new one to the range!

What can we expect from the Aegis Squonker Kit by GeekVape?

After weeks of anticipation I was quite literally chomping the bit to get my hands on this one!Geek Vape Squonker in hand

Geek Vape have released the Kit in 6 different colours, all the mods have the same IP67 rating for waterproofing as well as being dustproof and shockproof!

More on those points later in the review.

The device will fire up to 100w with the fast AS-100 chipset and runs on a single 18650.

The unit comes with a 10ml (2ml TPD) soft silicone bottle pre installed; and features a handy top fill that couldn’t be simpler to use.

You can change the back panel to make it into a standard 1 battery mod, the blanking panel is not included in the retail version.

Really what you have here is a 2 in 1 vape kit.

The Tengu RDA is included with the kit, a great little 24mm dual coil RDA. It’s basically the same as the one I reviewed earlier in the year with a slight change to the airflow system!

So is Squonking up your ally or something you’d like to try?

Let’s go take a detailed up and close look at the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk kit.

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In The Box

  • 1 x Geekvape Aegis Squonker Mod
  • 1 x Geekvape Tengu RDA
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 2 x Nichrome coils (0.4Ω)
  • Coiling rod, T tool, Allen key
  • Feather Cotton
  • Silicone bottle (standard version only)
  • 8 x O’rings & Spare post screws
  • 1 x Standard gold plated 510 connection pin
  • 1 x Low profile Delrin 810 mouthpiece
  • 1 x Delrin 510 mouthpiece adaptor


  • 100W Output
  • Bypass mode and Curve control
  • IP67 Water and Dust resistance rating
  • Blanking back plate (Available separately)
  • Durable rubberised finish
  • Dual Coil Tengu RDA
  • Geekvape AS-100 chipset
  • Single 18650 (Not Included)

Design and Build Quality

I was sent the sample kit that included everything the retail version have.The only extra was the blanking panel which will not be present in the retail version!Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit full

Tengu Dual Coil RDA

I won’t be covering the RDA in great detail as you can find my full review for the Tengu review for the Geekvape Tengu RDA here. I will say that the Tengu is top quality RDA with a great design that features a velocity style deck and deep 6mm juice well.

Made of stainless steel, ultem a gold plated stainless steel bottom feed pin is pre installed.tengu rda and aegis squonk

The RDA has a 24mm diameter and overall height of 28mm. The Tengu will dismantle into 3 main parts for easy cleaning.Geek Vape tengu rda parts


A slight change has been made to the airflow system since my full review.

The outer airflow is still handled by 13 X 1mm holes on each side of the barrel but Geek Vape have updated the airflow ring. It is now part of the barrel mechanism, my opinion is the airflow action is now much smoother and more precise.barrel

Aegis Squonker

The Aegis Squonker measures in at 86.4mm tall, 41.2in width with a diameter of 31.5mm and is made from a light durable zinc-aluminium alloy that is covered by a waterproof and dustproof rubber coating.Geek Vape Squonker Kit moda

I would say the overall design is very well done and the manufacturing quality is top notch.

Starting from the top down

The device has a stainless steel 510 connection with very good threading and a gold plated static squonk connection pin.

The stainless steel connection surround has a silicone stopper around the threading, this is to help stop liquid from leaking into the connection when in standard mode, it’s also an added measure of water protection.510 connection

The fill port has a silicone membrane and is located on the top of the device under a slide cover.Aegis Squonk Kit port fill

The back side of the device holds the silicone bottle with a spare is in the box.

To remove the bottle for replacement or cleaning or to change to the blanking plate, you will need to undo the 2 upper most hatch screws on either side of the device.silicone squeeze bottle

The bottom of the device has a round screw battery door, rather like that of the Aegis Solo.

The screw door has a lift up section; it can be difficult to undo and re screw into position as it is rather tight due to the O’ring. This is needed for water protection though.battery door

The battery is placed positive down as shown by the red cross inside the compartment.Inside battery compartment

The control face has a single power button and two adjustment buttons; which have a nice click. The monochrome screen shows vape data vertically and the brightness of the screen is fair but can be hard to see in direct sunlight!geek vape aegis squonk mod oled screen

One side of the device has a rubber bung that covers the micro USB port this again is for water and dust protection.Geek Vape Squonker Kit port usb

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Squonk and blanking Panel Doors

The blanking panel transforms the mod into a single battery vape mod! Nice touch.blankgin panel

Unscrew the 2 upper most hatch screws (1 on each side of the device) and simply lift the door off.

Be careful not to lose either of the tiny screws (no spares provided).Geek Vape Squonker Kit replace screw

Under the squonk panel you will see that the bottle fits into the bottom of the fill port, simply pull the bottle out to replace/wash.Geek Vape Squonker Kit inside squonk panel

The squonk part is handled by a metal plate with a hole in it that matches up to the protruding squonk fitment on the device. This in turn feeds the RDA by way of the 510 connection!Geek Vape Squonker Kit fitment squonk

Both the squonk and blanking plate are made of plastic and light weight, the blanking plate has an imitation leather cushion on it for comfort. Be sure when reassembling you do not over tighten the panel screws.Geek Vape Squonker Kit panel

How Does the Geek Vape Aegis Squonker Kit Perform?

Basic Quick Start Guide

Before we get into how this kit performed, let’s take a quick look at how to set things up!

Basic Guide to Coiling/Wicking the Tengu for Squonking

  1. Insert your dual coils and tighten the post screws, clip the wire ends close to the posts or use the Coily Tool to measure the exact length of the leads needed.Geek Vape Squonker Kit place coils
  2. Heat scrubs etc the coils.Geek Vape Squonker Kit glow coils
  3. Insert cotton through the coils, cut and fluff the cotton, dampen the coil and cotton with e-liquid to get things started, tuck the ends into the deck.Geek Vape Squonker Kit cotton tails

Aegis Squonker Mod

  1. Place an 18650 battery into the battery compartment; screw the door back on tightly.Geek Vape Squonker Kit place battery
  2. Open the fill port slide cover and fill with your choice of liquid, longer nib bottles work best or a syringe.Geek Vape Squonker Kit squonk filling
  3. Test the squonk action by lightly pressing the silicone bottle & replace the barrel over the deck.Geek Vape Squonker Kit squonk testGeek Vape Squonker Kit firing test

You are now ready to experience squonking Geek Vape style lol.

Basic Mod operation

5 rapid clicks will turn the device on and off.

Squonker Mod Menu System Basics

  1. Click the fire button 3 times highlights the power function which will turn white, using the adjustment buttons you can scroll through Power, Ni, TI, SS, TCR, VPC and Bypass.
  2. Click the fire button 3 times to highlight the power function, press the fire button to highlight and lock/unlock your coil ohms or highlight the puff count to reset it.
  3. Holding the fire button with the right or left adjustment button will adjust the brightness of the screen up and down.
  4. To lock and unlock the screen hold both adjustment buttons down together, you will still be able to fire the device.

Safety Protections

The mod includes 6 safety protections.

Flavour and Vapour quality

For this review I will be using a pair of 24g twisted kanthal 0.2Ω coils and I have filled the bottle with Ohm Baked Apple & Rhubarb Crumble.Geek Vape Squonker Kit bamboo


Starting out at 25w with the airflow set to half I got a decent mouth to lung vape, the vapour quality was good, however the flavour for me not so good. This pretty much mirrored my experience with the Tengu I previously reviewed!

Upping the power to 40w keeping the airflow at the half point; was a much better experience for me the vapour and flavour were both on point!Geek Vape Squonker Kit weight light


Opening the airflow up fully and pumping the wattage up to first 45w and then 60w, was a great direct to lung experience for me. Flavour wise it was yummy the vapour production was nice and warm at 60w.Geek Vape Squonker Kit window seal

More wattage – yeah go on!

Starting again at 65w then working up to 90w.

If anything the flavour intensified while the vapour became very thick and cloudy albeit quite hot. The RDA did get very warm but the Tengu cools quite quickly.

I tried 95 and 100w but these values became too much for my poor old micro lungs! The flavour was still very good and the vapour production was great! I filled my small office within minutes!Kit in hand

Using TC mode with SS316L, the mode seem to function adequately at 420f.

I have settled now on between 50 and 60w depending on the coils and liquid!OLED screen

Aegis Squonker Kit – A few notes

The mod is very comfortable and light to hold compared with some other squonk mods.Squonk bottle full

The fire time with the AS-100 chipset is very fast they say 9ms. The battery life at 55w lasts me around 2 3/4 hours! Which is fairly good in my book considering this is a single battery mod!

“My opinion only” but the battery life would be increased considerably had Geek Vape allowed provision for a 21700 battery.

Is the Geek VApe Aegis Squonk Kit Waterproof & Shockproof?

When I was asked to do some stress tests I just gulped as I didn’t want to ruin the mod if I could help it as it’s a bloody nice kit.

Geek Vape state the mod is waterproof at 1 meter for 30 minutes!

I dropped the mod only in a bucket of water for 15 minutes with the battery  and the squonk panel in place.dunk test


Just as I was expecting. No water damage, the IP67 waterproofing does its job as does the battery door, the mod fired fine after the Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit waterproof

Geek Vape also say the mod is dust proof I have no way of testing this, if I ever do a test I will add an addendum to this review!

Geek Vape say the mod is shockproof against accidental dropping!

I dropped the mod from hip high onto a stone path! With the battery in place and the blanking panel. I didn’t want to run the risk of not squonking again chicken I am!

I dropped the mod 3 times!


Only slight cosmetic damage to the blanking panel which was such a relief LOL!

How well the plastic panel would hold up at a different height or with a more force full throw is anyone’s guess. Although previous Aegis models have performed admirably when thrown about.

The mod fired fine after the shock it received.Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit test drop 2Geek Vape Squonker Kit test drop 2


  • Good build quality
  • Good design
  • Handy top-fill system
  • Soft bottle, excellent capacity
  • Excellent power mode performance
  • Clear easy to read display


I don’t have any real big concerns with the Geek Vape Aegis kit but if pushed I’d say:

  • The squonk and blanking plates could have benefited from magnets
  • Battery size

Final Review Verdict

I don’t use squonk mods on a regular basis normally just evenings!

Finally a squonk mod I can be proud to carry around with me without weighing me down. It’s comfortable to hold and has a great liquid capacity!

The only thing that might be a slight concern is the battery life. I would have preferred Geek Vape to have made provision for a 21700 battery.

Would I Recommend the Geek Vape Aegis Squonker Kit?

Yes I would! For someone like myself who tends to drop things a lot, there is very little chance of damaging this kit.

Would I buy the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit again due loss or damage?

Again yes I would.

Did you buy the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit? We would love to hear what you thought in the comments below.

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Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Hellvape Fat Rabbit sub ohm tank is yet another collaboration with hugely popular US YouTube vape reviewer Billy, aka Heathen – he’s dropped the Vapin’ tag.

It has an hard act to follow given the success of the Dead Rabbit range of RDA’s and the RTA – and I shall be reviewing the new Dead Rabbit RDA V2 very soon.

Hellvape fat rabbit review

I reviewed the original Dead Rabbit dripper and bloody loved it – I use the SQ RDA pretty much daily as a squonker and Simone gave the Dead Rabbit RTA a decent score.

BTW we might seem a little late to the party with this one – however I’ve heard the original release had a few minor issues ironed out in this batch.

Incidentally the name Dead Rabbits comes from a New York street-gang from back in the day – remember the film Gangs of New York?

What Can We Expect From the Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank?

Fat flavour and clouds bro!

At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I’m also keen to look at the airflow on this one.

It features both top and bottom, both of which can be adjusted to suit your vaping style.

bubble glass

It goes without saying I’m hoping it’s leak proof and the coils whilst cloudy and flavoursome – also last a while.

OK enough preamble – lets see if indeed this one has made me a happy vaping bunny.

For the record this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are unswayed by freebies.

Inside the Box

Kit box

  • 1 x FAT RABBIT Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.15ohm Quad OCC Coil
  • 1 x 0.2ohm Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Hellvape Sticker
  • 1 x Accessories Bag
  • 1 x Spare Bubble Glass
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Kit contents

Fat Rabbit Specs

  • Size: 25x46mm
  • Capacity: 5ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Top and bottom adjustable airflow
  • Coils: H7-03 Quad OCC Coil 0.15ohm, H7-02 Single Mesh Coil 0.2ohm – also compatible with Smok Baby Beast Coils and equivalents
  • 810 antibacterial drip tip – 510 adaptor included
  • Screw top refill

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Key Features

It’s the top and bottom airflow that catches the eye on the Hellvape Fat Rabbit tank.

I can’t think of many – if any – sub ohm tanks with dual airflow – correct me in comments of the ones I’ve missed.

Both airflow slots are long but not very wide and are cyclops style and slightly angled downwards.

fat rabbit components

Each can be closed off letting you choose between top or bottom airflow and of course one or the other can be left open and adjusted.

As well as that, Hellvape says this airflow system adds a ‘cooling system’ which is a little strange given the coils included are rated at up to just 80w – more on that in a moment.

As for the coils, there’s x2 in the box – a single 0.2ohm mesh and the 0.15ohm quad OCC – and as to how they perform we shall of course be looking at in more detail in a wee while.

The name ‘Fat Rabbit’ gives the game away as to its size coming out at 25mm wide and 46mm from the base to drip tip.

There’s a choice of a 5ml stubby glass or the 2ml straight glass which as I’m sure regular sub ohm vapers know will mean lots and lots of refills whilst vaping.

Incidentally the low profile bubble glass adds around 3mm to the overall width coming out at 28mm.

hellvape fat rabbit top fill

Filling is as easy as it gets with two large fill ports underneath the top cap and there are x2 drip tips included with the antibacterial 810 added straight out of the box with a regular one added – there’s also 510 adaptor.

I understand the Hellvape Dead Rabbit sub ohm tank is also compatible with other coils including the Smok’s TFV8 Baby Beast coils – the Eleaf HW and the Aero from Geekvape – check around for others that may fit.

Design and Build Quality

As you can see from the photos, I received the stainless steel version and very clean and smart it looks too.

The body is made from good quality stainless steel and the machining is pretty much spot on – this is a solidly built piece of kit let’s put it that way.

All the moving parts unscrewed easily enough and even fresh out the box and dry, the airflow rings moved nicely with little if any scrunching.

straight glass

There’s good resistance to them too, with barely any movement when set to your preferred setting, and the knurling whilst also looking good gives a great grip.

The straight glass at 2ml does make the tank look thinner – obviously lol – whilst the 5ml is low profile but does jut out somehow – I actually prefer it with the bubble glass and not just because of the constant need to keep refilling the smaller one.

Overall the Hellvape Fat Rabbit tank is a bloody good looker and the 2 logos etched into the small ‘cage’ look good too.

There’s a choice of colours: stainless steel – rainbow – gun metal – black and matte black with the latter looking very nice indeed.

So bad-ass design – good build quality so the zillion dollar question is how does it vape?

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How Does the Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

As we can see the tank comes with x2 coils so let’s see how each one performs. I shall touch on the airflow combos in a moment.

For the taste and vape test I ran through x2 fills of Papio from the Twelve Monkeys Origins range – a 65/35 PG/VG – a juice I know extremely well – and was using the bubble glass.

sub ohm tank on mod

Fat Rabbit 0.15ohm Quad OCC Coil

Hellvape is calling this coil the H7-03 and it’s rated at 80w.

I primed this one hard given the size of it – there’s a lot of cotton in there.

hellvape fat rabbit quad coil

I started at 70w with both airflow ports wide open – as I said, I’ll cover the airflow options shortly.

The vape was airy-ish and the flavour, whilst not as good as a rebuildable, was decent enough – a little on the cool side, but with good vapour production.

Shutting off the top airflow, and bumping the wattage up to the max of 80w, the vape was pleasantly warm with an obvious increase in vapour.

The flavour popped a little – but not enough to write home about.

Shutting off the top airflow and opening up the bottom fully, I found the flavour much better and touch of restriction – but not much!

I found a happy medium at 80w with the top airflow barely open and the bottom open fully – this gave me a warm and pretty decent flavoured vape and was my preferred setting using this coil.

Fat Rabbit Single Mesh Coil 0.2 Ohm

This is the Hellvape H7-02 and again rated at a max of 80w.

After once again priming this one and letting it sit for 10 minutes, I again began at 70w.

hellvape fat rabbit mesh coil

From the first puff I knew this was the better of the two coils with great flavour and denser vapour.

I bumped it up to 80w immediately and yup – the flavour really popped.

Not in the same league as some rebuildables, but a very flavoursome vape.

With both airflow ports wide open the flavour held its own, but came to life with the top a tiny bit open and the bottom fully closed.

That’s my preferred setting, obviously yours might be different and you do have plenty of options!

The Fat Rabbit Airflow

As you can see I managed to find my optimum setting and the beauty of this sub ohm tank is the amount of choices you have.

With both wide open and on a scale of 1:10 with 10 being the airest I’d give it an easy 8 maybe even a tad higher.

Top closed and bottom wide open it’s still an airy one at around 7 to 7.5.

bottom airflow

Bottom closed and top wide open things get a little restricted at around 6 to 6.5 – a bit too tight for me.

hellvape fat rabbit sub ohm tank top airflow

So to recap – I found the top open slightly and the bottom wide open gave me the best flavoured vape – but hey it’s all down to personal taste.

I will say this is not the warmest of vapes – that’s I guess down to the ‘cooling system’.

I did bump both coils up to 90w and whilst things did obviously get warmer and the flavour upped a notch, I felt after half a dozen pulls the coil was struggling a little.

Both coils wicked very well indeed with not the slightest hint of a dry hit and I have had zero leaks.


  • Good build quality
  • Awesome design
  • Choice of drip tips
  • 510 adaptor
  • Superb airflow options
  • Choice of coils
  • Full of flavour
  • Great vapour
  • Zero leaks
  • Decent price


  • Thirsty – this one drinks!
  • 2ml tank needs filling every 15 minutes – thanks TPD!
  • Not the ‘warmest’ of vapes

Final Review Verdict

As you can see my pros way outweighed the cons on the Hellvape Fat Rabbit sub-ohm tank – it’s a bloody good one.

It’s been a while since I used a stock coil tank and this one has impressed me for sure.

I absolutely love the design and it feels solidly made.

The quad coil is the weaker of the two IMHO with the mesh coil giving a pretty decent flavour.

It’s obviously not in the same league of some of the rebuildables out there, but for stock coils that mesh is really very good indeed.

The 2ml tank is a complete waste of time – with the need to fill literally every 15 minutes – you can thank the TPD limit for that.

Saying that the 5ml bubble glass is also a thirsty bugger – especially with the quad coil – but that is what it is I guess.

As to coil longevity – I’ve had both on the go for 10 days with little or no flavour drop yet – and I’ve used them both every afternoon.

Incidentally I have seen – in more than a few places I might add – this is merely a cash grab.

I have to disagree given not everyone uses or can use a rebuildable, if anything it was a natural next step.

Whilst I no longer use stock coil sub ohm tanks very much, if at all, I’ve really enjoyed using the Hell Vape Fat Rabbit sub-ohm tank and would highly recommend it.

So yeah, I am a happy vaping bunny

So…have you used the Hellvape Fat Rabbit sub ohm tank or thinking of buying it? And if you have any questions please let us know in the comments below!

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Vaporesso PodStick Review

The Vaporesso PodStick is a pod vape with some tricks up its sleeve. It comes in the shape of a stick (hence the name), it has three power options courtesy of the Omni Board Mini, and its pods come in two options; one for restricted DL and the other for MTL vaping. Because of that, Vaporesso brands it as “the best of both worlds”.

It’s not the first time a pod vape aims to satisfy both ends of the market, but most have fallen short till now. Keep reading to find out if the PodStick accomplishes that goal.

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Build quality and design

At around 43 grams with a full pod, the PodStick is a lightweight vape. That’s mainly due to its aluminum construction and the plastic that the pods are made out of. And while not super-compact, the PodStick’s narrow shape is great for throwing it inside your pocket.

I had no complaints in the build quality department. It feels sturdy, there’s no button rattle whatsoever, and while lightweight, it doesn’t feel (or look) cheap. The paintjob is solid and while time will tell, I am pretty confident that it’s not going to chip anytime soon. In a way, the PodStick gives a Vaporesso vibe right out of the box, if that makes sense.

The only thing I am not a big fan of is the bronze accent of the branding and button. That’s Vaporesso’s new “thing” (they introduced it with the GEN mod) and it’s certainly up to taste, but I’d prefer it if both of those were black. Other than that, there’s nothing to fault the PodStick for from a build quality and design perspective.

Getting started

The PodStick comes with two pods in the box, one pre-installed containing an MTL 1.3-ohm ceramic CCELL coil and a spare one with a 0.6-ohm mesh coil (called “MESHED” by Vaporesso). Digging deeper, you’ll find a micro USB cable as well as the manual and all the usual paperwork.

To get started, push the top of the pod from the flat side, which will reveal the push-to-fill mechanism—if you’ve been using Vaporesso pods or the Aspire AVP you’re probably familiar with that design. Then use a thin nozzle bottle to fill the pod up, by pushing the tip of the bottle at the filling hole. If your bottle’s tip doesn’t fit, you can transfer your juice to the 12 mL plastic bottle that’s included in the box. Leave the pod aside for a good 10’, then press the button five times to turn the device on.

Note that the power level will be set depending on the pod you’re using, but you can change between the three settings (which are different for each pod) by pressing the fire button three times. The LED will light up green, blue or red depending on the power level.

There’s no way to adjust the airflow on this device but, as you will read in the performance section, the amount of airflow between the two pods is noticeably different.

Vaporesso PodStick pods

The pods are made out of plastic and come with a non-removable drip tip. At first, I thought that the bore diameter was the same for both pods, but it turns out the MTL one comes with an extra layer of plastic, making its bore slightly thinner. The resistance of the pods is etched on their side and it is a bit hard to see, but that’s unimportant to be honest.

The push-to-fill mechanism is probably there for child protection, but with air not escaping easily filling may get messy at times. Chubby Gorilla style bottles worked fine, but it gave me a hard time with thicker nozzle bottles and transferring my juice to the included bottle was too much of a fuss for me. I am not sure why, but I found the recessed mechanism of the AVP to work better.

The 0.6-ohm coil wicked 70VG easily, but I wouldn’t chain vape anything over 50/50 on the 1.3-ohm ceramic coil; if you like vaping on high VG juices you’ll probably need to stick to the airier draw of the 0.6 ohm pod. Good thing is that both coils seem to last for long—outside of a bum coil which I am going to discuss in the performance section. I’ve refilled the mesh coil around 6-7 times, and the CCELL one a good 5 times till now, and I haven’t noticed any drop in performance whatsoever.

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The device houses Vaporesso’s mini edition of the Omni board but outside of its rapid firing and the variety of protections, there’s not much that’s evident from a performance perspective.

The 0.6-ohm pod is a flavorful pod that’s great for airy MTL or a very restricted DL vaping, especially if you are not a fan of really hot vapes. With the power at the highest level it is not as warm as some other button activated devices like the SMOK Nord, but it’s warmer than your average draw-activated pod system. And while vapor production is not going to win you any competitions, it’s more than sufficient for a device this size.

I experienced a bit of leaking through the mouthpiece at times but that was mostly when I left it at its side overnight. Even then, it wasn’t enough to deter me from using, but more of a minor inconvenience. As a note, you should make sure you check e-liquid levels often and refill it before it completely empties; the wick holes are not at the base of the pod and you may risk a dry hit. With no way to remove e-liquid from the pod, this design may also be a problem if you want to change juice without mixing flavors.

Now for the CCELL pod. I am generally not a fan of ceramic coils for various reasons, but this one is a good vape for what it is. The draw is a satisfying MTL with a fair amount of restriction. It’s tighter than the AVP and the SMOK Novo, making it a great option for stealth vaping and MTL in general. That was a big surprise, as most pod vapes that claim to be versatile fall short in the MTL side of things. Vapor is even cooler on this pod (which slightly impacts flavor) but I found it ideal for mid to high nic strength salts.

As with the other pod, the difference between the power levels is subtle, but it performed great with 30 mg salts in mid and high. I’d use the lowest level with anything over that. I’ll also note that the first ceramic pod I tried gave me dry hit after dry hit, but after checking a second pod I was convinced I just got a bum. That was unfortunate and it may put some people of, but I trust that Vaporesso’s QC will take care of that in the future. The second pod performed great without any dry hits with 50/50 juices.

To sum it up, the PodStick performs fine all across the board, but it’s not for vapers who enjoy a very warm vape. With that in mind, the 0.6 coil is the more flavorful of the two, but the ceramic coil is great for MTLing salts and high nic juices in general.

Battery life and charging

The PodStick houses a 900 mAh battery, which is not bad at all for a device that lightweight. On both pods, I managed to go through almost two full fills on their default settings (green for the CCELL, blue for the mesh). For the DL pod that’s not much, but it will probably last you for at least a day when used with the MTL pod.

The micro USB port is placed at the bottom of the device so you can only charge it laying at its side. It needs just under an hour (55’) to fully charge and supports pass-thru charging.

The only problem I faced with the battery was that the LED lights were acting a bit weird. The five lights are supposed to show battery level (at 100%-80%-60%-40%-20%) but the device kept going from three lights to out of charge pretty fast. This may be an issue of the preproduction/sample units, but if it turns out it is not, be prepared to charge not long after your PodStick goes to three lights.

Pros / Cons

  • Lightweight and conveniently shaped
  • Paintjob feels solid
  • Well-constructed
  • Very easy to use
  • Powered by the Omni mini board
  • Includes thin nozzle bottle
  • Pods wick great (CCELL is better with 50/50 juice)
  • Good flavor on the mesh pod
  • Ceramic pod is great for nic salts
  • Caters to MTL and restricted DL vaping
  • Good battery life and supports pass-thru
  • Push-to-fill (PTF) may get messy with thicker nozzle bottles
  • Can’t remove e-liquid from pods
  • Wick holes of the 0.6-ohm pod are high (may cause dry hits)
  • Vapor not that warm (especially on the ceramic coil)
  • One of two ceramic coils I received was bad
  • Some issues with battery indication


A pod system that can satisfy both the MTL and DL crowds is kind of a rare breed. And the Vaporesso PodStick does exactly that. It didn’t blow me away with its performance and it sure has some shortcomings, but it is a great device for beginners—and even experienced vapers who like to occasionally switch between MTL and restricted DL. It is a practical, easy to use and well-built pod vape that ticks all the pod vape boxes.

What do you think of the Vaporesso PodStick? Let me know in the comments.

View the product here:

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Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review

We continue to surf the assortment space of relative newcomers – the Rincoe company. I remember their extreme novelty I liked exactly in terms of quality of performance. Therefore, here I expect absolutely the same level – proceed.

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Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
Dimensions: 90 x 56 x 30 mm
Weight: 177 g Case
material: zinc alloy + plastic
Power: 2 x 18650
Output power: 1 – 228 W
Voltage range: up to 8.0
V Peak current: 50 A
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance:0.08 – 5.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 3.5Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, against overheating, against short circuit, against reverse polarity, against overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes
Micro- USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1.85A
Color: see photo below
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
– Mechman 228W mod
– Mechman mesh tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.2 / 0.25Ω (one preinstalled)
– spare origins
– spare glass
– USB cable
– user manual
– Warranty card
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
We have already discussed the complete tankso I won’t stop there. It can only be said that he is the most ordinary, and for the whale the option is quite normal.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
Boxing design is a fashion for an amateur, and would even say a big amateur, but I will not say. For example, I’m not a fan of this kind of decoration at all, but even to me this “war paint” seemed normal and not even too “decorated”. Yes, it resembles a spaceship made of cheap fiction, and if it weren’t for the American banner on the back, I would even have praised the design. And I will praise, because I know something – about this below.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
By the way, the developers proposed just a bunch of design options, and not only the print, but also the “skeleton” is changing, which is much more interesting. By the way, you can replace this print with your own absolutely painlessly – instructions on this subject are available on the official website. Cool – you can stick a photo of your beloved or scan your passport)))
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
Just a few words about ergonomics. It was not surprising for me, but it is excellent for an instance that is mutilated by various convexities and bulges.

The landing pad is steel, furrows from sticking are available. By the way, it’s about stability here – thanks to the special bottom design, it’s not the best – it’s better not to keep it on “soft” surfaces.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
The stock on landing is as if at 24mm, however, the 25mm specimens sit here quite aesthetically. I must admit, the vast majority of atomizers look at boxing fashion quite organically – and this with such a design.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
The control panel is well-cut. The buttons are plastic, but the plastic is tactilely nice. The fire is made in the form of a certain trigger, which adds a point to the piggy bank of already good ergonomics. The button move is small, smoothly elastic, the click is barely audible, but clear – these are just five points. Other control keys are a little louder. The display is medium brightness, the information is not overloaded and easy to read. For the street it is a little dull. At the very base of the connector for charging the battery, the declared current is almost observed.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
The battery cover is massive, but magnets securely fix it. A groove for convenient prying is available. Naturally, it is a little loose, but only with good compulsory tilting.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
The contact group is gilded, the upper contacts are tightly spring-loaded. Not to say that they are sharp, but it is better to be more careful with them – they can damage the braid of the batteries. A ribbon for comfortable removal of the latter is provided.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
In the work, the mod showed itself, perhaps, as a middle peasant. From the spot in the quarry, he does not vomit – accelerates not particularly smartly. The resistance reads correctly, as it displays the battery charge. But in terms of power, according to my subjective sensations, he is a little cheating – the actual value is behind the stated on the display. Another joint is the incorrect operation of the bypass at high resistance. At low it behaves better, however, in view of the overstatement of actual power, soaring on it becomes uncomfortable – it does not finish off in general.
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...

It may seem to you that this is such an option – they say that the design is an amateur and the board has its own jambs. However, I suppose you will change your mind after you recognize the price tag. It’s not enough to say acceptable – it’s excellent, and competitors for the same, as a rule, offer cheap plastic boxing, and then a heavy piece of metal that does not go away in defense after 5 puffs on the subwoofer. 
Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
I will name the most obvious competitive advantages of our hero – excellent build quality and materials used, original design and naturally price tag. 

I will recommend it at least as a particularly budget option. 

Feel ???  - Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit ...
Why buy

  1. Price, what a whale, what a mod
  2. Number of suggested design options
  3. Original design
  4. Ergonomics (despite the size and weight)
  5. Workmanship and materials

Why you should think

  1. Battery Cover Backlash
  2. Control chipset underestimates power output
  3. Incorrect operation in BYPASS mode

View the product here:

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Smok Mag P3 Kit Preview – Lock And Load?

The Smok Mag P3 Kit is the newest release in the Mag range!mag p3 poster

We have had the amazing Mag Grip, The Mag and the Mag Baby so far!

So what is different about the Mag P3 kit? Hmm quite a lot actually!mag p3 kit components

Let’s have a look at the tank first. Which tank you get in the kit will depend on which kit you buy:

  • TFV16 Tank – Included in all standard kits – for sale outside of TPD regulated areastfv16 poster
  • TFV-Mini V2 Tank – This is for kits for sale in TPD regulated areas to comply with the 2ml maximum capacity.tfv-mini v2

The TFV16 tank has been released for a while but a new coil has just been created. The TFV16 Conical Mesh 0.2ohm coil.tfv16 coils

This apparently uses the Conical Mesh from the OFRF nexMesh coils – I am not sure as yet if it is compatible with the OFRF nexMesh Sub Ohm Tank but it seems to be a similar design.

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tfv16 conical mesh coil

You will only get the conical mesh coil in the standard and US edition kits.

If you get the TFV-Mini V2 tank this appears to use the same wonderful coils as used in the TFV8 Baby V2 Tank – found in the Mag Grip Kit and the Stick V9 Max Kit.

Finally moving on to the mod – this looks a right beast – powered by 2×18650 batteries (not included) it will output up to 230W. Sadly no “magazine” style pop in battery compartment.mag p3 battery

There are Variable Wattage, Temperature Control and TCR user modes.mag p3 user modes

To operate the device there is a 1.9in HD touch screen with a keyboard input for entering a passcode to lock the device.mag p3 screen

Oh and having the “Mag” name you can expect the trigger style fire button! Plus it is IP67 Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof.mag p3 waterproof

There are 5 colours to choose from: Black / Red, Green / Black, Gray / Black, Red / Black and Blue / Black.
mag p3 colours

Kit Includes

There are two main kit versions. For the EU TPD areas there will be the TPD Kit – for outside the TPD regulated areas there is the standard kit.


  • Smok Mag P3 Mod
  • TFV-Mini V2 Tank
  • Mini V2 S1 0.15ohm single mesh coil (installed)
  • Mini V2 S2 0.15ohm quad coil
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • User manual

mag p3 tpd version contents

Standard Kit

  • Smok Mag P3 Mod
  • TFV16 Tank
  • Bulb glass protective silicone sleeve
  • TFV16 0.17ohm Mesh Coil (installed) (EU Standard Kit Only)
  • TFV16 Conical Mesh Coil 0.2ohm (installed) (Non EU Standard Kit)
  • TFV16 Dual Mesh 0.12ohm Coil
  • Spare glass
  • USB cable
  • Spare parts
  • User manual

mag p3 standard editions contents

Smok Mag P3 Mod Specs

  • Size: 91.6×72.3x36mm
  • Output: 1-230W (VW) / 10-230W (TC)
  • User modes: VW, Taste Modes (Soft, Norm, Hard), TC (Ti, Ni, SS), TCR
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Display: 1.9inch colour HD touch screen
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05-2ohm (TC)
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Waterproof (IP67), dustproof, shockproof
  • IQ-M Chipset – 0.001 second fire speed
  • Keyboard input for password protection

mag p3 mod specsSmok TFV16 / Mini V2 Tank Specs

  • Size: 32×64.5mm (standard) / 25.4x54mm (Mini V2)
  • E-liquid capacity: 9ml (standard) / 2ml (Mini V2)
  • Coil: TFV16 Coils (standard) / Mini V2 (Mini V2)
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Locking swing top cap
  • Conical Mesh coil 0.2ohm uses OFRF nexMESH technology (TFV16 only)

mag p3 kit tank specsEven though this kit might be carrying the “Mag” name – thankfully there have been quite a few changes!

View the product here:

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Review of OWL Kit by Advken-strong property and exquisite appearance

The Advken OWL Starter Kit is a versatile vaping system, integrating a single high amp battery cell, and is paired with the Advken OWL Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank to create a starter kit that is geared for novices but is sure to satisfy vapers of any level of experience. Advken Owl Starter Kit

Advken OWL Mod
Dimensions: 93mm * 27mm
Construction: Stainless Steel
Battery: Single High-Amp 18650 Battery(Not Included)
Min. Resistance Range: 0.1ohm
Voltage Output Range: 3.2-4.2V
Thread: 510OWL Kit by Advken - the owls are back and now it's a whole setFocus On For More Vape Kits.

Advken OWL Tank
Size: 25*45mm
Construction: Stainless Steel+Pyrex Glass
Capacity: 3ml/4ml(Pre-installed bubble glass tube)
Bubble glass tube diameter: 30mm
Coil type: 0.16ohm mesh coil(60-80W), 0.2ohm mesh coil(50-70W)
Thread: 510 threadOWL Kit by Advken - the owls are back and now it's a whole set

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Now It’s Available: Advken OWL Starter Kit 

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Preview of Innokin Zlide Tube Kit

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Product Name: Zlide Tube
Battery: 3000mAh/3.7V
Capacity: 4ml (Zlide tank)
Wattage: Max. 16W
Resistance Range: 0.4-3.0Ω
Cut Off Time: 10sec
Tank Resistant: Z-Coil 1.2ohm (10-14W)/ 0.8Ω(15-18W)
Max. Output Current: 6.5A
Thread Type: 510
Charging Current: 5V/1A

MVP5 Ajax Kit by Innokin, 5th generation, Go farther…


Product Name: MVP5 Ajax
Battery: 5200mAh
Capacity: 2ml/5ml (Ajax tank)
Wattage Range: 6-120W
Voltage: Max. 7.5V
Cut Off Time: 3-18sec
Tank Resistant: 0.16Ω(50-80W)/0.35Ω(30-55W)
Max. Output Current: 35A
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5Ω
Thread Type: 510
Charging Current: 5V/2AFocus On For More Vape Kits.

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Now It’s Available: Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit

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Rincoe Mechman Mesh Kit

Voopoo Drag Nano Kit

Voopoo Drag Baby Kit

Disposable Pod System Kit

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Alter Pod Kit by OBS Preview

Vapers who monitor the development of the market can observe an interesting trend – the first ones were successfully superseded by powerful box mods that lost their positions after the advent of POD and AIO systems. But not all vapers like POD systems, since they are for the most part very simple in terms of functionality, equipped with weak batteries and quite expensive to maintain (you need to buy cartridges). Therefore, it is not surprising that AIO systems, which have a board, operate on replaceable evaporators or are equipped with an RBA base and operate on powerful batteries, are in demand. OBS also decided to release its own version of such a POD system – Alter Pod Kit, which at first glance looks more like a small box mod. But it’s functional, works with a removable cartridge on replaceable evaporators and has significant autonomy. We can confidently say that the OBS Alter Pod Kit will be of interest to many vapers, as the company’s specialists have non-standard solutions to the questions and claims of vapers to conventional POD systems.

General information

OBS Alter Pod Kit is a hybrid of a POD system and a medium-sized box mod, equipped with a powerful battery, equipped with a powerful and functional chipset, operating on replaceable evaporators of various types and resistance. The design of the device at first glance is quite simple and not particularly prominent among similar devices of this class. The chipset installed in the device allows you to use it in the variable mode, and the presence of a monochrome display makes it possible to monitor and control the operation of the POD box. The removable cartridge works on replaceable evaporators, and the manufacturer provides a wide selection for liquids on organic and saline nicotine. You can buy OBS Alter Pod Kit in five colors – black with a pattern, black, yellow, red and blue.


Alter Mod Battery Pack

The development trend of POD-systems, in which there is a powerful battery, chipset and screen, is not just a tribute to fashion, but a necessity, as vapers are becoming more and more demanding on devices. The Alter Mod battery pack is the result of the work of OBS developers who took into account the wishes and requirements of vapers regarding which POD box option is best for them.

At first glance, the OBS Alter Pod Kit looks quite simple and strict – a classic rectangle with a small drip tip offset to the edge. It would not be desirable not to recall Orion from Lost Vape, but the form factor of the walkie-talkie is very in demand. The device can hardly be called miniature, but taking into account the used battery and design features, this is justified.

The OBS Alter Pod Kit works from the built-in battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, which is a very high indicator for the POD system, which will allow the vaper to get considerable autonomy. You can charge the battery using the standard micro-USB Type-C connector located on the side panel with a current of 1.6A, so that it takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.

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An important feature of the OBS Alter Pod Kit is that it is equipped with a chipset, which allows not only to obtain all the protection necessary for safe operation, but also to use the device in the mode of variwatt. The viper can independently adjust the power within 5-70 watts, so the device can hardly be called a classic POD system, and at the same time, the minimum resistance of the evaporator is 0.15 Ohms. In order to control the operation and manage the parameters of the chipset, it is equipped with a sufficiently large monochrome display on which you can find a lot of data about the work – the battery charge level, power, resistance, number and time of puffs.

Cartridge, Evaporators and Usage Features

The OBS Alter Pod Kit uses a removable cartridge that is held in the battery pack using a magnetic connector. Such a technical solution is very practical, since the cartridge is very easy to remove to replace the evaporator or adjust the tightening.

The manufacturer paid a lot of attention not only to the chipset, but also to the evaporators. OBS offers two versions of the base for the installation of evaporators – subwoofer and for salt nicotine / cigarette puff. Depending on the type of base chosen, evaporators can also be selected, which are many – M1 (0.2ohm), M3 (0.15ohm), SX (1.4ohm), NX (0.15ohm).

An important point is that, depending on the chosen evaporator and base, the volume of the cartridge changes – 3.5 or 5 ml, respectively (when using the TPD version, the volume is unchanged – 2 ml). Installation of the evaporator in the base is extremely simple – just screw it into it. It is worth saying that it is the base that is the ring for adjusting the airflow, so the vaper can choose not only the best evaporator for himself, but also a puff.

The manufacturer has taken care to simplify the process of refilling the cartridge as much as possible. To do this, on the upper end there is a slider, opening which you can fill in the liquid, and for refueling it is not necessary to remove the cartridge from the battery pack.

Conclusions and impressions

If the viper is looking for a miniature POD system, then the OBS Alter Pod Kit will not suit him. This device can hardly be called a POD system, rather, it is a full-fledged AIO system, which is more like a box mod with a built-in and modified atomizer. In this case, the viper will receive the variability of the evaporators, a large tank and considerable autonomy, but in any case, choose it.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • To adjust the airflow, remove the cartridge;
  • The lack of automatic power adjustment depending on the resistance of the evaporator (when replacing it, you can just burn it).


  • Strict ergonomic design;
  • Capacious battery;
  • Fast charge;
  • Large volume cartridge;
  • Variability of evaporators;
  • Adjustable airflow;
  • Easy refueling;
  • Good taste and bulk (if desired).

Artery PAL Kit Preview| HP cores for better flavor