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Augvape does not often please users with updates in the box mod segment and, despite the relatively small success of the V200 model , it has launched the fundamentally different Druga Foxy, a device with a strict and minimalistic design, the main highlight of which is the atomizer quick fix button.

Augvape Boxing Review Second Foxy 150W


The box mod is made of zinc alloy. The coating is glossy and easily collects prints on itself.

At first glance, Druga Foxy has the standard for most box mods forms of a small bar with beveled edges, but from the point of view of ergonomics it lies in the hand quite conveniently: the edges do not cut into the palm, and the main button is always under the index finger (or under great).

There are absolutely no questions about the build quality: the buttons do not rattle, the side panels do not play.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod. Appearance

On the side faces of the case are removable panels with an unusual pattern. Under one of the panels is a small display, as well as adjustment keys.

On the opposite side is a compartment for installing two 18650 batteries, as well as a tape for more convenient extraction. Batteries are installed in series, the upper contacts are spring-loaded.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod. AppearanceReview of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod. Appearance

At the base of the casing are openings for exhaust gases, a logo and certificates.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod. Appearance

Druga Foxy is available in black and steel colors, but if desired, you can purchase sets of interchangeable panels that the manufacturer provides.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod. Appearance

Atomizer Compatibility

The connector is centrally located; it is made of stainless steel. Spring loaded pin made of brass. The connector protrudes slightly above the upper platform and its diameter is 24 mm.

The maximum allowable diameter without overhanging is 27 mm, which makes it easy to use this device with most atomizers, such as sub-cans and drips, as well as tanks for tight cigarette tightening.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W box mod. Atomizer compatibility

In the photo below, the box mod with the GeekVape Zeus Dual atomizer , whose diameter is 25 mm at the base.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W box mod. Atomizer compatibility


It is worth mentioning the additional key located next to the connector. It is designed for faster installation and twisting of atomizers.

By pressing a key, part of the thread on one side moves back and releasing the button returns. The user only has to turn the atomizer a little on the thread so that he stands in the right position.

Some owners of this box mod do not trust the operation of the mechanism for quick atomizer installation in the long term.

However, the biggest question is condensation, which will inevitably accumulate on the upper platform and, possibly, get inside this button.

One way or another, for the 2 months that the box-mod is available for sale – there are no sharply negative reviews on the identified “problems”.

Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod.

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From 1 to 150 watts in increments of 1 watt. The range of supported resistance is from 0.05 to 3.0 Ohms.


From 0.5 to 6.5 V in increments of 0.1 V. The range of supported resistance is from 0.05 to 3.0 Ohms.

Board accuracy

The device board works flawlessly: it outputs the power that is shown on the display, instantly responds to pressing the main button.


The mod runs on two 18650 batteries installed in series. There is no support for charging due to the lack of a micro-USB connector, therefore, an obligatory condition for using the box mod is the availability of an external battery charger.


The display in the device is small, monochrome. Its size is 9.2 x 5.2 mm. Despite this, it is bright and rich, the information is read well.

In the left half the power is displayed, in the upper right corner the resistance of the atomizer, and below the total battery charge.

Review of the boxing mod Augvape Druga Foxy 150W.


The mod is equipped with a modern list of protections:

  • from short circuit;
  • from overcharge / over-discharge;
  • from low/ high resistance;
  • from low/ high voltage;
  • from overheating of the evaporator (cut-off at the 10th second);
  • from overheating of the board;
  • vents for exhausting gases from batteries.


Switching between modes is carried out by long-term holding of the adjustment keys. There is no additional functionality in this box mod.

It is the absence of any complex menu, many modes and settings, according to most users, is a significant advantage of the board.


  • Dimensions mod: 93 x 26 x 49 mm;
  • Weight without batteries: 215 g;
  • Weight with batteries: 305 g.


  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass pin);
  • Battery type: removable 18650 batteries (2 pcs) with a return current of 25 A;
  • Operating Modes: VW / VV;
  • Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3.0 Ohm;
  • Working power: 1 – 150 W;
  • Output voltage: 0.5 – 6.5 V;
  • Minimum battery voltage: 3.2 V.


Druga Foxy comes in this kit:

  • Boxing Mode Second Foxy;
  • Instruction;
  • Branded packaging.
Review of the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W boxing mod.

Feedback and experience

Based on the feedback from users and owners of this device, we can conclude that Augvape made a really nice box mod in all respects.

Visually, it turned out to be strict and, unlike the variety of devices from China, stands out qualitatively due to the lack of backlighting, any multi-colored inserts and other “tinsel” that is often unnecessary for an adult user.

The board works stably, and the lack of the need to memorize many combinations for control is an additional plus for those users who have just recently switched to steam.

As for the quick-change function of atomizers, here the community is divided into two halves: some consider it “innovation for the sake of innovation” and wind up the atomizer in the old way as in other box mods.

Other users are happy to use this feature and note that even after 2 months of a constant change of atomizers, everything works properly.

Despite the lack of a micro-USB connector and the need to have an external charging station in the arsenal, this box mod is perfect for both beginners and experienced users who are looking for not just a device for the first time, but a stylish and easy-to-use box mod.

Regarding the case, which collects fingerprints on itself, is also not all clear: some are ready to put up with this and do not even notice, while others, on the contrary, are annoying.

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