FreeMax Starre Mini – “We never stop there”

It is under this motto that you could read in the headline of the review that a new atomizer from the FreeMax company was born, which became a little smaller, but a little better and a bit more modern than the usual mode. I am sure that most of you are already very familiar with the Starre model and those who used this model did not really like the removable evaporators, and the manufacturer apparently listened to the vapers and introduced a new atomizer with a serviced platform with velocity format adjustable air flow and ease of use.

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

The main features of the atomizer: 

1) Manufacturer – FreeMax; 
2) Type – mini RDTA; 
3) Made of stainless steel; 
4) Tank capacity – 2 ml (there is a 5 ml version); 
5) The diameter of the model – 22mm; 
6) Borosilicate glass tank; 
7) Adjustable pin connector; 
8) Racks of “Velocity” format with large openings for coils; 
9) Adjustable airflow; 
10) Fully collapsible design. 

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FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

Unlike the first model, the FreeMax Starre Mini RDTAIt is a compact device with a capacity of 2 ml. The capacity of the tank is probably the most controversial point, since today such a supply of liquid on modern and powerful devices will be enough for just a few puffs, but the manufacturer did so and there’s nothing to be done about it. Appearance at the same time simple and at the same time strict, nothing superfluous to distract from the process of soaring. Pin connector is very easy to adjust, this is also a small problem, as it can simply loosen and lose contact. The upper refueling occurs within a few seconds and this probably crosses out the lack of tank capacity. Each part of the atomizer perfectly fits with each other, everything sits firmly and securely, a tank of borosilicate glass of good thickness, complete with a spare tank. Drip type though stainless steel but with a delrin insert that minimizes the amount of heat that reaches your lips, it can be replaced with any similar drip type from your collection. Atomizer has two fully adjustable airflow holes “Cyclops format”. The adjustable ring works well, the stroke is not too loose and not too tight, which allows fine adjustment of the air supply to the chamber being serviced.

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

If you have already dealt with the “Velocity” serviced site, then you will surely have no difficulty in servicing and this atomizer is very simple, reliable and productive. The ability to install two spirals allows you to get maximum satisfaction in the process of soaring. Screws with excellent thread, wide holes, the only problem you may encounter in the process of servicing the atomizer is the limited amount of clearance for installing the spirals, although servicing the atomizer several times can be used to this.

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

As a conclusion. In terms of processing, ease of use, performance and price, the Freemax Starre Mini RDTAis a useful device that simply must be in the collection of each vaper. Among the shortcomings, we single out only the capacity (2 ml) and the weak thread of the pin connector, while all other parameters remain at a height. All thick and tasty!

FreeMax Starre Mini - We never stop there

Now It’s Available :Freemax Starre RDTA Tank

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