The first impression on the Ijoy Captain RTA is that it looks eerily similar to the slider tank that they sent me. Packaging is like most Ijoy tanks. It’s in a clear jewel type of box with everything on one tier. So far, I would have to say that it looks pretty good and if it vapes as well as the Captain S Sub ohm tank, this should be one hell of an RTA.


  • 1x Captain RTA
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 1x extra glass
  • 1x tool pack (O-rings, screws, coils, Japanese Organic Cotton)
  • 1x 510 adaptor
  • 1x warranty card

iJoy Captain RTA Review


Just like the Captain S Sub ohm tank, the RTA has a slider style top. Ijoy has included a really nice Ultem chuff cap style drip tip. The drip tip is extremely comfortable and it has two rings on the bottom of it. I like the way it looks aesthetically on the tank and I love the way it performs. I’m actually kind of sad that they only included one. While it is not a proper Goon drip tip, it is 810 compatible. All of your Smok Beast line drip tips will fit as well. There is also a 510 drip tip adapter so you can run all of your 510 drip tips, too.

iJoy Captain RTA Review

Slide the top cap open and just like previous versions of this tank, you will see a kidney bean shaped fill port. Just like the S, it is a little small and I would rather it have been just a bit bigger. There is a rubber gasket around the fill port. Ijoy has also included an extra gasket for when this one wears thin. It will accommodate most juice bottles but with the chubby gorilla bottles, you may have to remove the drip tip to fill.

iJoy Captain RTA Review

Right below the top cap, we have the glass section and it is held in place by two nice o’rings. On the interior of the tank, the chimney is definitely on the wide side. The chimney does feed into a barrel that has an extremely conical design to it. The barrel does have four wicking ports that line up with for wicking ports on the deck itself. This tank does have juice flow control. The JFC is smooth but it definitely works better with the tank on a mod.

iJoy Captain RTA Review

The base on the Captain RTA is done a little differently than most RTA’s. It acts more like a ring than a base. What I mean by that is the deck actually separates from the base. So the base actually forms a ring around the 510 pin of the deck and that’s how you secure the deck to the tank. In other words, the base when taken off just has a hole in it with no 510. On the bottom of the base, you will find some Captain branding with the words designed by Ijoy. The knurling on the base is pretty good and it does provide a nice grip for when you need to access your deck.

iJoy Captain RTA Review

As with all the tanks in the Captain line, between the base and the glass, there is a significant cut out going around the whole tank. This is supposed to help with heat transfer. I do have to say that it does do a wonderful job in that area. I can chain vape this tank all day and it may get a little warm but it gets nowhere near as hot as some of my other tanks do with the same amount of vaping. It’s a nice simple design that is beautifully executed on this tank. Well done, Ijoy.

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The deck on this RTA is gold plated and it does have two types of air flow. You have airflow that comes directly underneath the coil and then there are some side airflow slots that grab air from the side of the coil. We have seen this before on other decks and it does seem to be a really good way to get the most flavor out of an atomizer. As I said before, the deck is removable. I am truly hoping that the reason Ijoy made it removable is that they are developing different configurations that can be used in this RTA. I would love to see a velocity style deck and a dedicated single coil deck. That would be just fantastic.

iJoy Captain RTA Review

The deck has a small oring going around the base right underneath the juice ports. That’s what holds the deck in place on the barrel. Below the oring and underneath the platform of the deck, you will find two airflow holes. One of the places that this deck gets its air flow from is directly under the coils. There is also a hole right underneath the two side pieces that grab the airflow from the side. You would think this tank would have a ton of airflow but in reality, it does not. Below the airflow holes, there is another o’ring that secures the 510 pin to the interior of the base. Below that, you have the actual 510 pin. The threading on the pin is nice and smooth and so far this atomizer has sat flush on all the mods that I have used it on. The pin itself is gold plated as is the whole deck. The pin does have a flat head adjustment to it and an insulator ring around it. All in all, this is a very well thought out deck.


Because of the way this deck comes out of the base, it could be a little intimidating for the new user. There really is no need to be intimidated because this deck is easy to build and wick. It is your typical postless deck and as is the case with most postless decks, the hardest part about building it is getting your leads to the correct length. I always suggest to my readers that they just take their time and clip a little bit at a time.

Once you get the correct lead length, you simply mount your coils and tighten them up. Make sure that your coils are sitting just above the side airflow on this deck. You want the side airflow to grab the vapor from the bottom half of your coil. Do that and you will be rewarded with great flavor. Next, you wick up your coils and make sure you place them into the juice ports. I can’t stress this enough, you cannot stuff the cotton into the juice ports. You have to make sure that you place them in there gently and that they have enough room to wick freely. If you stuff them in, you will wind up with dry hits and your cotton will just not keep up. This is not the case with just this RTA but with any RTA that wicks this way. Once that is done, you are ready to do juice up your cotton and put your deck back in the tank.

Putting the deck back in the tank is pretty simple. It’s very much like the drop-in style of coil that the Captain S uses. You can line up your juice holes with your holes on the barrel, push the deck in, and simply put your base on. Once your base is on securely, you can screw it into your deck to insure that the deck is not going anywhere. Now you are ready to vape. It really is that simple and easy.


So far, every tank I’ve gotten from the Ijoy Captain line has been fantastic and the RTA is no different. I think what I like most about the Captain line of tanks is the restrictiveness on the airflow. Don’t get me wrong, this is no MTL tank with a super tight draw. It is a very nice restrictive lung hit. That is the type of vape that I really, truly enjoy. For me, Ijoy has just nailed the airflow on all of their Captain line tanks. Right now, I have dual twisted SS coils in there ohming out at .14 at 85 watts, in temperature control mode. I have this beautiful tank on my brand new Aleader Funky 160 and the vape I get is just superb. The clouds I get are pretty good but the flavor, the flavor is just really there. This is the type of tank that is just right up my alley. It has the perfect amount of airflow restriction, on point flavor, and the clouds are not bad either. If you put a gun to my head though, I would have to tell you that this is a flavor first RTA. Not saying that it chuck the clouds but the flavor is priority one with the Captain RTA and that is exactly the way I like it.


Well, what can I say? I’ve owned every tank in the Ijoy Captain line and so far I have yet to be disappointed. The Captain RTA is definitely no different. It will satisfy the flavor chaser in you, it’s simple to build and wick, and it has just the right amount of restrictiveness to it. I do have a pre-release version but I do see this tank being very popular. I am assuming that’s why Ijoy built the deck the way they did. This tank definitely needs some more deck configurations and it will be a total home run for Ijoy. If you are a flavor-first vaper, definitely go out and pick yourself up a Captain RTA.

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