Love the color, got the gold one. The Engine does come packaged nicely in a two-tier box. On the front tier, you will see the tank itself, the spare glass, and a screwdriver. On the second tier of the box, there will be an instruction manual and a package with all the goodies and spares. So far, it is impressive looking. It comes out of the box clean and looks to be well built. Let’s wick this thing up and see if it really does live up to the hype.


  • 1 x OBS Engine RTA
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Set of Spare Parts
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 1 x Cotton Pad
  • 2 x Prebuilt Kanthal Coils

OBS Engine RTA Review


The drip tip is a 510 drip tip that is seated on a pretty big platform that houses the air flow control. Normally, I absolutely hate top caps like this because of the huge platform. However, in this case, I do understand it from a design standpoint because they did need someplace to house the AFC. The drip tip is very comfortable and I am happy that they decided to use a 510 although I would have preferred an 810 drip tip. Because of the way this tank is designed and the platform that houses the AFC, only certain drip tips will actually look good on the OBS Engine. You need to use drip tips that will either sit flush on top of the platform or have a flattened-out bottom.

OBS Engine RTA Review

The AFC on the Engine is done a little different than most AFC’s I have seen on the tanks coming out today. Most tanks have two airflow slots one on each side. The OBS Engine has three airflow slots each one located a third of the way around the platform. The airflow itself is quite smooth and when you do taper it down, you will experience better flavor. Right below the platform, we have the actual top cap assembly of the OBS Engine. There are some grooves on this part of the tank as well as some OBS branding. Pull this part of the tank up and you will reveal the side fill port. I’ve never been a fan of side fill tanks but to be fair, OBS seems to execute this feature very well on the Engine. Definitely a better design and execution than most side fill ports I have seen. The side fill port is pretty big by most standards and will accommodate all juice bottles including the bullnose type.

Below the whole top cap assembly, we do have the glass section. It does have a sort of caged look to it. The glass actually goes over some nicely machine bars on the interior of the tank. The OBS Engine does have a 5.2 ml capacity. The nice thing about the Engine is it really is not a juice killing tank.

OBS Engine RTA Review

The barrel on the Engine really does not have any sort of conical design. On the bottom of the barrel, there are two notches that will line up with two notches on the base. I’m really disappointed with this notch system. It can be a real pain to get the base on and I really think it could have been done a lot better. The barrel does lead into what I would call a medium bore chimney. It is really not a wide bore chimney but it is not narrow either. Since this tank is a top airflow only tank, the chimney is what you would call a double walled chimney. That is, the airflow comes in through the outer walls, hits the coil, and then the vapor comes out through the inner chimney.

OBS Engine RTA Review

As I said earlier, the base can be a pain in the neck to get it to catch and thread on smoothly. The notch system on this tank is severely lacking and could have been designed a lot better. I think bigger notches would have served this base better because the way it is right now, it can be really tough to line up. Threading on the base itself is really not the greatest and it does seem to be a little bit on the thin and crunchy side. Turn the bass over and you will see the bottom of the tank. There is some OBS branding and a serial number. The 510 pin is gold plated and the threading on that is pretty smooth.

OBS Engine RTA Review

Overall, it’s a decently built tank that probably could have been machined a little better at the base with a better system for putting the base on. I do like the looks of the tank but the base has just been a real pain to use. It’s almost like you have to find the notches and then click the base into place before you can begin screwing it on. Definitely a huge con as far as I’m concerned.

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The deck on the Engine is a typical velocity style deck with grub screws. It is a two-post two-terminal-per-post setup. The post holes are not particularly big and you will have an issue getting flat wire or exotic coil leads in there. I do like the fact that OBS decided to use grub screws on this deck. In my opinion, they are the best type of screws for most applications pertaining to most decks. The grub screws do seem to be of decent quality and I haven’t had any problems with them as of yet. Right below the posts, there is a platform that houses your wicking ports. There are four circular wicking ports that you insert the ends of your cotton into. The platform does float above the base of the deck and it wicks almost like a GTA-style deck. The only difference being is on most GTA style decks the wicking ports are open on one side, while on the OBS Engine, the wicking ports are fully closed. The juice feeds up through a cup style section into your cotton.

OBS Engine RTA Review


Building it is pretty simple because it is a velocity style deck but you will be limited to the types of coils you can use on this deck. Wicking is very simple as well. Simply, put the cotton through your coil and tuck your ends into the wicking ports. The Engine wick is very similar to a GTA style tank. It’s a pretty simple deck to work with and even if you are new to building, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the OBS Engine up and run.

OBS Engine RTA Review


For months now, I’ve been watching the OBS Engine get hyped all over the internet. All I have been hearing is flavor for days and it doesn’t leak. Well, to be honest, I guess one out of two isn’t bad. The OBS Engine does not leak. Flavor for days? Yeah, I’m not too sure about that. While the flavor on the OBS Engine is okay and what I would call extremely middle of the road I definitely wouldn’t call the Engine a flavor tank. I can think of ten other tanks off the top of my head that have better flavor than the OBS Engine. I know this will probably not be a popular opinion but I have to be honest and write about my experiences. Your experience may be different but this is how I feel about this particular tank. I consider myself a TC flavor chaser and this tank just does not do it for me.

Whenever I would see one of those hype reviews, I always questioned it in the back of my mind because I know that in general, top airflow is just not conducive to great flavor. If you want to build a great flavor tank, the first place to start is bottom airflow. At the very least, it should have side airflow. Without one of those two features, it is extremely tough to build a flavor-chaser tank. I’m here to tell you that the OBS Engine does not qualify in my book as a flavor chaser tank.

I will say this about the OBS Engine, the flavor that I do get is fairly decent, however, I have noticed that sweeter, more fruity types of vapes do a lot better in this tank than other flavors. If I put a bakery or a custard in this tank, it just tastes bland. I’ve used juices in this tank that I know extremely well and I know that I am not getting the full flavor from potential out of them when I run them in the OBS Engine. I have also tried multiple builds and nothing I do seems to make the flavor pop like I have seen other reviewers talk about.

Right now, I have the OBS Engine sitting atop my Squid Industries Double Barrel mod. I have it running in power mode at 74 watts and I am ohming out at .2 ohms. The build I have in there is dual Twisted SS coils. The flavor I get is just okay. It is not flavor for days, and it really doesn’t outperform most of my other flavor-oriented tanks. The clouds I get are definitely on the anemic side, and unfortunately, that matches the flavor as well. It’s just an okay tank with okay clouds. That is the best way I can describe the OBS Engine.


  • Bigger lead terminals
  • Some sort of bottom airflow
  • Better notch system on the base
  • Conically designed barrel
  • Better machining on the interior base threading


If you’re one of those vapers that worries about leaking more than you do flavor, then definitely go out and get yourself an Engine. I know that there are vapers in the community that absolutely hate leaky wet tanks. If that is one of your pet peeves then the OBS Engine will serve you well. If you are a flavor chaser and you are looking for phenomenal flavor, the Engine will not serve you well. In my opinion, there are a lot of other choices in this subcategory that beat the OBS Engine in flavor. It is a decent tank overall but it’s not all that and a bag of chips. After all the hype that I have seen for the OBS Engine I have to say that unfortunately, I have been severely disappointed in the vape quality of this tank. Does it live up to the hype? For me, unfortunately, the answer is no.

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