Oumier Maximus Max RDTA

Among Oumier’s most popular RDTAs, Maximus Max RDTA is generally popular among vapers at the intermediate spec levels. It is a solid and eye-catching RDTA with simple lines and a futuristic touch.
oumier maximus rdta
RDTAs are now becoming way much sophisticated for use with variable watt and temperature control. Oumier Maximus Max is one of the classic types you could call a RDTA. It features a typical 2-post and 4-terminal build, side-secured via slotted screws. However, to out-performance other competitors, such post build comes in a conjoined-post style, providing a surely consistent and powerful conductivity throughout the platform. It also features four large 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm terminals to get some thicker wires inserted.
oumier maximus rdta

This beautiful and unique Maximus Max RDTA measures 24mm x 32mm x 18mm. This 24mm diameter Maximus Max RDTA has a 3 ML juice capacity. The length of 43mm is relatively pocket-sized. On the front of the metal shell, there is the logo ‘‘MAXIMUS MAX RDTA’’ in fine paint spray. But what really make it stands out is the PEI drip tip. If you are a seasoned vaper, you must know this type of drip tip which is famous for highly heat resistant and variety of colors. The PEl Derlin drip tip on Maximus Max RDTA is specially designed for Cloud-age play. It is wide-bore, 18 mm and made of PEI. Its inner chimney is curved, as is the inside of the top cap.
oumier maximus rdta
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