Smok TFV8 Baby Beast – A Small Sized Tank with Beastly Performance!

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

Smok has been releasing tons of products lately, and this right here is one of the latest tanks released by Smok. The bigger, and first Smok TFV8 Subohm Tank was highly successful, and just like the original TFV4, a smaller version is released afterwards.

As we all know, subohm tanks are extremely popular at the moment, and I’m sure with this specific tank, vapers definitely have high hopes due to the success of the original TFV4 line.

This is the review for the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast. I will go over the many different aspects of this tank, and tell you what I like and if there is anything I do not like about this subohm tank as well as tell you how it compares to the rest

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Out of the Box

When first taking the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast out of the original packaging, what I noticed was how small the actual tank was. Everyone knows that the Smok TFV8 Subohm Tank is quite large, and just seeing how small this tank is, I knew this would be a completely different vape experience.

Honestly, this tank is quite small overall, and definitely smaller than most of the newer subohm tanks that are being released. The overall diameter of the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast is 22mm, so I knew right away it would look great on most devices I owned.

Since this tank is quite small, I already knew the e-liquid capacity wasn’t huge. In addition, since this subohm tank was in the TFV8 line, I already knew this tank would probably go through e-liquid quite quickly. This can surely be a con, but I will go more into detail with this specifically in the cons section down below.

The packaging itself was relatively simple, and within the packaging you do receive an extra coil head,an additional glass section, and some extras such are spare o-rings. It was a huge pro for me that they included the extra glass, because I know many people break the glass on tanks quite often. Things just tend to happen sometimes, so with this extra glass section, at least you know you have a backup with this subohm tank.

In addition, another thing I noticed was that the build quality was actually really good. I was surprised by how good the machining was on this tank, as I did not notice anything off. The threads were pretty smooth overall, and it surely felt of quality.

Also, the top fill hinge was very easy to use, and open quite easily, but you did have to use just enough force to open it. This, I think was a great thing, because it was not wobbly, and felt secure, so you don’t have to worry about the hinge swinging open while this tank is in your pocket or purse.

The delrin drip tip included is quite tall though. This can be a subjective con, but thankfully you are able to change it to something you prefer to use. This is definitely a pro, as many people like using their own customized 510 drip tip.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

The wide bore delrin drip seemed comfortable though, and did not bother me to the point where I felt I wanted to change it out. I actually prefer wide bore drip tips in comparison to normal smaller bore 510 drip tips.

The airflow control ring moved easily as well, with no issues. It move easily enough, yet I felt that when using it, it would not just move around due to it being loose. The airflow control ring was definitely secure wherever it was positioned.

The next thing I noticed when first looking at this subohm tank is that the coil heads were not huge by any means. It is surely bigger than some coil heads, say an Aspire Atlantis Coil Head in regards to the width, but it was not on the scale of the TFV8 or TFV4 coil heads for sure.

Even though the coil heads were small in comparison to other Smok coil heads, I do feel that these coil heads were quite big for the tank’s size. I do not think this is a con, but I do think it is something to mention.

Another huge pro for the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast was that there was hardly any machine oil. One rinse with soap and water was all it took for this tank to be ready to be vaped!



So the main question for this tank is definitely how does it perform? Well I can say it definitely performs! I do like how this tank performs overall and will go over it more in detail down below!

I do want to state though before getting any further, with either coil head; it did not take long to break in. I know this is something people definitely want to know, so I would say with maybe a half of a tank, the coils were broken in. The coils were fully broken in with just about a full tank, where I was getting full on flavor.

The two coil heads included with this tank were the V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil 0.4 ohm, and the V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Coil 0.15 ohm. Each coil performed quite well, but there was a clear winner for me in regards to which performed better overall.

The coil head I enjoyed using the most was the V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil 0.4 ohm. For some reason, the flavor was just better with this coil head. In addition, you did not need nearly as much wattage to get a nice, satisfying vape.

The 0.15 ohm coil head performed great as well, but the flavor was lacking just a tad bit in comparison to the 0.4 ohm coil head. I do like the vape experience from this coil head as well, but like said previously, the 0.4 ohm coil head just simply out performed it.

The flavor with the 0.4 ohm coil head was excellent, and definitely above average. The flavor is not as good as an RDA, but close enough where I felt satisfied with it. In addition, the vapor production was really good.

The vapor production wasn’t as great as say the original TFV4 or the full sized TFV8, but it was definitely solid. If you are looking for a full blown cloud chasing tank, you’d probably be more interested in the TFV8 for sure, rather than this smaller version.

For how I vape, I found that the best performance in regards to airflow was closed to about half way. This tank is definitely airy when it’s wide open, and cuts down in flavor when you have it set this way. The flavor was okay with it being wide open, but it definitely improved by a ton with it closed off a bit.

Also, since I prefer a restricted lung hit, this was best for the way I vape. For the 0.4 ohm coil head, I found a very satisfying vape at about 55w. You can definitely go higher, but I felt that this was perfect in regards to warmth of the vapor and the overall performance.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

With this specific coil head, I put at least 60ml of e-liquid and it is still performing well. I do not notice any burnt taste, nor is the performance lacking in any way. This is surely another pro!

With higher wattages such as 80w and above, it definitely could not keep up as well when chain vaping. At my preferred wattage, I could easily chain vape with no dry hits and it kept up like a champ! This would definitely be for both coil heads.

It is important to note that I did use max VG e-liquid in the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast. Maybe with a slightly thinner e-liquid it could have easily handled higher wattage chain vaping.

However, if you vape this tank often, but do not chain vape consistently, I do feel that higher wattages are no issue, and it kept up quite well overall. I did not notice a dry hit at higher wattages, but it certainly felt it was on the verge of it, hence is why I do think it cannot keep up quite as well with slightly lower wattages. If you do not chain vape often, then this is definitely not a concern.

Filling this tank is quite easy, and quick. I love how easy it is to fill this tank, and this hinge system that Smok uses is definitely one of the better top fill designs in my opinion. Also, when closing the hinge, it firmly locks into place and you can surely feel when it does that. This is surely a huge pro!

Speaking about e-liquid, this tank can definitely go through it quite quickly, especially at higher wattages. This is something I will get more into down below in the cons section.

Also, I did not experience any leaking with this tank, which is another major pro. However, I did experience some slight seeping when the tank was laid on its side, but it was not a large amount of e-liquid.

For the 0.15 ohm coil head, I found the optimal wattage was at about 75w. With this wattage, the flavor was good and the vapor production was solid.

The included delrin drip tip was definitely comfortable to use. I still think that it is quite tall for this tank, but in regards to comfort, it was certainly comfortable to use.

Overall, this tank is surely a performer. Both of the coil heads performed well, but the clear winner for me was the 0.4 ohm coil head. The airflow was nice and airy, and was definitely not turbulent in any way. Even though this tank performed quite well overall, it did have some cons which I will go over down below in the next section!


Yes, the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast definitely has some cons to it. The first con is the e-liquid capacity, and how fast this tank can go through it.

This subohm tank has a 3ml e-liquid capacity. I do think it is fine that this tank has a 3ml e-liquid capacity, especially given its size, but this tank really goes through juice quickly. The e-liquid capacity itself is not a huge con, as it is extremely easy to fill.

At higher wattages, you can probably empty the full 3ml tank in under an hour easily, especially when chain vaping. At my preferred wattage, a tank on average would last just about 2 hours of consistent vaping.

A second con is that this tank does not include an RBA section. The RBA section is a separate purchase, and even though this tank is quite cheaper than the full sized TFV8, which does include an RBA section, I do think it would have been a nice addition if it did include one.

However, given the price of the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast, I can see why it is not included, but this is definitely something worth mentioning.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

Another con is that this tank can get quite warm, especially if you are vaping often. Even the included delrin drip tip got slightly warm. It did not get extremely hot, but it did get warm enough where I felt it was uncomfortable, especially the tank itself.

A subjective con is the included delrin drip tip. I just think it looks awkward simply, because it is tall and the tank itself is small. Like said before, it is comfortable to use, but I personally do not like how it looks.

All in all, even though there are some slight cons to this tank, it does not take away from its incredible performance, which leads me into the next section, my conclusion!



In conclusion, the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Subohm Tank is a solid performer. The flavor on this tank is quite good, and the airflow is excellent. They include an extra spare glass section with this tank, which is another huge pro!

The tank has a nice, compact design which I think is a great change in comparison to the full sized TFV8. This tank is definitely not a cloud chaser like the full sized TFV8, which some people may not like since it is in the TFV8 family of tanks.

Honestly, I think Smok took the right direction for this tank. Making this subohm tank smaller overall, and introducing new coil heads that do not require as much power, just appeals to another crowd of vapers.

Like said previously, if you are looking for a full blown cloud chasing subohm tank, you would definitely be much more interested in the full sized TFV8.

A huge pro for me, personally, was the fact that this tank did not leak on me at all. It never leaked when filling it nor when leaving it overnight with e-liquid in it. It did have some e-liquid residue when laid on its side, but nothing major, where I felt it was a concern.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Review

Even though there are tons of pros to this tank, it does have some slight cons. It does get warm when chain vaping, and even to an uncomfortable level at times. However, with all of the pros mentioned, I honestly looked past this con as it only happened when chain vaping consistently.

All in all, for the price of this tank, it really is a winner and definitely beats some of the tanks I have recently used. Smok has definitely done a great job with this tank!

This is one of the subohm tanks that I use daily, and I continue to use it up to this day simply, because it is just dependable.

If you are looking for a solid performing subohm tank, I highly recommend checking out the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast! Thanks for reading!

Templar RDA – new implementation of Velocity – similar racks from Augvape

If you remember about the company Augvape, then the first thing that comes to mind, it’s drip a friend. It was so massively distributed on the Internet, that probably everyone knows about it. Today, a new drip – Templar RDA – is on hand. The highlight of the device is in the racks, which allow you to clamp the legs of the spiral with just one screw. A bundle of dribbling Templar and  Modefined Sirius 200w .

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Dripochka arrives in the tube. On the packaging QR-code for checking originality, as well as links to social networks. In the RDA tube, a plastic cap, a package with dopas, where the o-rings are lying, a squonk pin, an adapter for 510-x drippers, a plug for one spiral.


Information for information

Augvape Templar RDA is made from 304 SS and at the time of this article’s release it is possible in two colors: SS and Gun Metall, while the base will always be gilded, and the dome part of different colors. The device has the ability to adjust the side airflow with a three-stage detuning system, allows you to muffle the space for a single spiral with a special spacer, and replace the pin with squonk-pin.


Height without drip-type: 21 mm 
Height with drip-type: 26.7 mm 
Diameter: 24 mm



810 drip-type black, which is installed in the top cover frankly not comfortable. The edges are sharp, this is immediately felt when you start to soar. However, it is narrow and low.


Its 810 perfectly fit, so it’s better to replace the driptype immediately. It is kept in the top cover on the ring confidently. The top cover is engraved with the name of the drip, while it performs the function of adjusting the blowing.

The blowing is regulated by means of 3 blades, which are executed in the form of steps. The inner part is processed under the hemisphere. When the lid rotates clockwise, the lopost is blocked by the blowing on the skirt, first the lower slot, then the middle, and then the upper one, overlap.

Implementation of the use of RDA with a single spiral is obtained with the use of a cap. It should be noted that the plug does not fit tightly to the skirt, air is sucked, while this spacer strongly steals the volume of the tub, which is only 4.7 mm deep.

The lid is held on one o-ring in a skirt. The dome has a company engraving and two air intake openings. At the bottom, the skirt has a step so that the skirt on the landing does not fall into the base.

Deca and it is interesting here. At the base there are racks. In the upper part there is one screw, which can be screwed with both a slotted screwdriver and a cross screwdriver. 
Twisting the screw, simultaneously with it rises the rack. There are no springs!

At this point, open the holes for the installation of the legs of the spiral: two below and two on top. 
On the side, the deck has a pair of o-rings that hold the skirt.

From below, the pin does not perform well, so it is forbidden to use the drip on mechanical modes for safety reasons.


Installation of the spiral and laying of the fleece


The spirals are quite simple to install. Installation counter, unscrewed the screw counterclockwise, put the legs, tightened the screw, corrected the spiral, tightened the screw tightened.


After the spiral can be raised a little higher blowing and see how it affects the taste.

How to install the spiral, apply voltage from 40 W, we start burning spirals, so that the heating goes evenly from the center and to the edges.

After that, fill the ends of the fleece, which was measured on the first o-ring on the deck, in the bath.

rdahaWe drenched it with a needle, put on a dome and you can talk about the Templar RDA.


By the way, the plastic cap is pulled on the deck and in this kind of device you can soar. Outwardly, not everyone can like this form of cap, where there is no clearly expressed drip-type, while the matte transparency makes us sad.


Overall Impression

.Obduv tight even on wet o-rings. But once rebuilt and you can not be afraid that he will fail. The taste is given by this drupulka, reveals it to the constituent parts due to the low height and small evaporation chamber.


In addition, a 3-step blow-off system with a slot view helps. Excellent opportunities to experiment by opening or closing slots. 
A year-long dribbling of the Templar, will it enter the Veaper environment, or is the word vaper no longer fashionable today?


Cons and pros

– no pin acts so that this device can be used on mehmodah, 
– very tight blowing adjustment, if the fingers are weak, it will slip, 
-good performance, – 
convenient installation of spirals, you only need to unscrew one screw 
– three stages of the blower adjustment, 
– there are options for setting 510 and 810 drip-types, – the 
taste is bright, a good bouquet, it is important to experiment with spirals. 

Now It’s Available :Augvape Templar BF RDA

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Brutal Estate: Uforce T1 from Voopoo

Voopoo introduced Uforce T1. The new tank holds up to 8 ml of liquid and is available in eighteen color variations.


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On March 26, Voopoo Company presented the Uforce T1 tank in the instagram. When creating the device, the developers were inspired by the image of the hero of Maverick, but not the one played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but the character of the comic book Marvel. This fact is noted on the official website – in the same place you can get acquainted with all available color options, which have accumulated as many as 18.

Details requiring manipulation, girded with a rough texture. The blowing adjustment was provided with a ring from below. Topkec was made shifting counter-clockwise – so access to the filling opening opens.

The tank can work with all brand evaporators of the U, N and R series. Among them there are both serviced variants and variants with a grid. The device is versatile in terms of volume: all thanks to the possibility of installing any branded glass. In a standard kit, the volume is 8 or 3.5 ml.

The Uforce T1 package includes two replaceable evaporators, a spare glass, a shaft connector (standard version), a set of rings, an epoxy dripper and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Height – 60.6 mm
  • Diameter – 24.6 mm
  • Weight – 53 gr
  • Volume – 8 / 3.5 ml
  • Top dressing
  • Bottom blow adjustment


VooPoo Caliber 110W Kit: The most powerful Pen style starter kti

VooPoo Caliber Starter Kit is a new design, which is powered by a built-in 3000mAh battery with a strong and durable life and the maximum output can fire up to 110W to realize the best flavor with its compact design, and offers you over 200 puffs of vaping on a single full charge. VOOPOO Caliber adopts the colorful metal and geometrical lines makes more attractive. This glossy stick has gold-plating badge button, arrow LED lights and decorative gold-plating design with star patterns, luxury and superior. You can booking it with $46.75 on Urvapin, just following this link: VooPoo Caliber Kit.

Tips to select the best kitchen faucets

The faucet of all the appliances and fixtures in the kitchen is undoubtedly the most used. The average family is found to use it almost forty times a day! Be it rinsing off dishes, hand washing, washing vegetables or filling pasta pot, the kitchen faucet does a great job everyday! Hence, if the plan is to buy a new one, then great care is to be taken to ensure that beauty meets functionality. Black Kitchen Faucets are excellent choices for the modern homes.

Select your preferred type

In order to derive optimum satisfaction, you can try out those which offers sleek contemporary look, antique look, something traditional and elegant or the old world rustic look. Pewter or nickel faucets are considered to be just perfect for those traditional kitchens, while bronze or copper are excellent choice for country and old world style kitchens. Stainless steel or chrome faucets do have that contemporary look.

Hole configuration

This is rather the initial thing to know prior to shopping faucets for the kitchen. Most sinks are designed with pre-holed drills to receive faucet. At times, they are fitted with accessories like soap dispenser, sprayer, filtered water or hot beverage faucet. Three holes are meant for single control faucets and one hole for single control types with accessories and sprayer. Four holes are meant for single control. If there is an apron front or under-mount sink, the holes get drilled in the countertop right behind the sink. You can choose Black Kitchen Faucets according to your preference.

Types of kitchen faucets

The type of faucet to be purchased for the kitchen, will entirely depend upon your personal preferences.

  • High arc faucets: These are just perfect to wash large pots in huge numbers, to fill vases or have large roomy sink. They are also called high neck or gooseneck faucets and offer plenty of room to work. The modern designs do come with tapered handles and beautiful flowing curves. They can easily be your kitchen’s focal point. Such faucets are used best in deep sinks to prevent splashing. Bar sink faucets mostly are of high arc type. This is to allow plenty of room to wash produce.
  • Pull down and pull out faucets: The pullout type comes fitted with spray head to pull-out towards you. The pull down type comes with spray head to pull down towards sink bottom. With both of them, it is possible to clean the sink, water plants and to wash produce. Pull outs are the most popular as they are great in function and style. The toggle control or button makes it easier to spray and have aerated steam. Some can swivel 360 degrees to provide easier access to the other sink areas.
  • Two handle faucets: They are of one cold and one hot and also popular as they do offer that classic look. It does make a wonderful Victorian fashion statement.

You can find Black Kitchen Faucets designed with single handle having side spray, touch and wall mounted ones. This way, you have plethora of options to choose from.

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Complete Guide 2018

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Complete Guide 2018

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With Motionsense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex. ..

Clearance: Limitless Classic 220w and Arms Race V2 TC Mod Low To $29.99


Limitless Arms Race V2 TC Mod is a striking high performance platform that presents an aggressive chassis design with a proprietary chip set with a range of 5 to 220W of output. The Arms Race V2 features an angular and aggressively designed chassis, with 24K Gold Plated accenting and a cleverly integrated 0.91 inch OLED display. The gold accented shield on the Arms Race has been replaced by rubberized grooves to ensure a tight grip. The proprietary chip supporting down to 0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range. Also onboard is full temperature control output alongside an auto sensing and auto adjusting joule mode which detects the flashpoint of e-liquid to deliver the optimal temperature with support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel heating elements. Limitless Mod Co’s Arms Race V2 220W TC Box Mod caters to users looking for a standout striking system. It’s only $29.99 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Limitless Arms Race V2 Mod.


Limitless Classic 220W Box Mod presents the updated V2 version of the original LMC Mod, upgrading in chipset power to 220W of maximum output and comprehensive temperature suite with the adoption of Resin-designed interchangeable magnetic plates. The LMC Classic Box Mod V2 retains the industrialized design with high-quality metal steel and the convenient customization of interchangeable plates with the added designs of visually striking resin-dyed elements. Powered by a highly intelligent chipset, the Limitless Classic V2 has a wattage output range of 10 to 220W, full temperature control suite, and preset firing modes — Soft, Standard, and Powerful. It’s only $46.99 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Limitless Classic 220W Mod

Special Offer: WISMEC Motiv 2, HiFlask, Luxotic Series Kit/Mod

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod Kit is an all-in-one vape kit. Powered by built-in 500mAh battery, it can fire up to the max wattage of 10W. Featuring the air pressure sensor, you can vape directly without pressing the conventional buttons. You can check the battery level at anytime and anywhere simply by glancing at the color of LED. The Motiv 2 is such an elegant, simple and versatile pod that can be perfect setup for both new vapers and vapers on the go. You can booking it on Urvapin, just following this link: WISMEC Motiv 2 Pod Kit

Being ergonomic and slick, HiFlask is the first pod for all vapers which features exquisite adjustable airflow system. Innovative JVUA (Juice Vertical & U Airflow) system is the first application for Wismec ecigs, offering you pure flavor as well as large clouds. The replaceable cartridge is refillable with 5.6ml/2ml e-liquid capacity, which will definitely provide you with unexpected vaping enjoyment. Moreover, the unique design of airflow control and cartridge lock makes HiFlask much more attractive and popular. It’s only $35.75 On Urvapin, just following this link: WISMEC HiFlask Pod Kit

Designed by JayBo, the WISMEC RX GEN3 Dual 230W is a powerful and portable TC Box Kit from the Reuleaux family. 1 to 230W output, and full temperature control suite. The 1.3 inch OLED screen displays essential data to the user and the three button control face allows for ease of use. The slide and lock battery access door at the base of the device makes it so you can change your batteries with ease. Included with the Wismec RX Gen3 Dual Mod is the new GNOME King Sub-Ohm Tank, that features a 26mm diameter and retractable sliding top fill system. The GNOME King has an E-Juice capacity of 5.8ml and uses Wismec’s WM Coil Family (comes with two WM01 0.4 ohm coils). Airflow enters the GNOME King Sub-Ohm Tank via dual adjustable stealth airslots, each measuring 15mm by 2mm and an 8.5mm wide bore 810 cobra resin drip tip gives the tank a more flashy look, alongside ample vapor intake. Wismec’s Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 230W Starter Kit is a top contender for what is on the vape market today!

Mod: WISMEC RX Gen3 Dual Mod $47.85

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LUXOTIC NC, a new member of LUXOTIC series, is another masterpiece designed by JayBo. Compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries, LUXOTIC NC devotes to providing you with incomparable vaping experience. Featuring the optional output mode in series and parallel, multiple protection systems are applied which make the device much safe and reliable. With detachable structure and Clapton 0.28ohm coil, Guillotine V2 pairs with the LUXOTIC NC perfectly for cloud chasing.

Mod: WISMEC Luxotic NC Dual Mod $52.75

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LUXOTIC BF BOX, a brand-new box mod designed by JayBo, features its reimagined squonk system and inbuilt refillable e-liquid bottle of 7.5ml capacity. Powered by single replaceable 18650 cell, LUXOTIC BF BOX is convenient in use and fashionable in look. The Tobhino BF RDA, a high-end bottom-fed rebuildable drip atomizer, impresses us with its unique airflow design and detachable structure. Simple, compact yet powerful, that’s the LUXOTIC BF BOX with Tobhino BF RDA.

Mod: WISMEC Luxotic BF Squonk Mod $36.75

Kit: WISMEC Luxotic BF Squonk Kit $52.85

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Brand Mesh RDA and RTA On Sale

Digiflavor Themis is a top fill system with two large fill ports that is capable of holding up to 5mm of E-Liquid. The postless, quad terminal build deck has side mounted flathead screws which secure coil leads alongside a centralized airflow for intense flavor. Airflow enters the Themis via a dual adjustable top airslot measuring at 13mm by 2mm for perfect airflow. Included with the Themis is a 11mm wide bore 810 and 510 drip tip, a spare glass tank section, spare o-rings, and a 510 drip tip adaptor. If you choose the mesh version, you can easily switch out build deck for preferred vaping builds. The Digiflavor Themis 25mm RTA is perfect for optimal flavor and cloud chasing, making this a great rebuildable tank atomizer. It’s only $32.85 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Digiflavor Themis RTA Tank

Vandy Vape’s Mesh RDA is a 24mm, dual invisible clamp style postless build deck that is compatible with both mesh wire and standard wires. Its unique dual invisible clamp style postless build deck has two 11mm terminals with side mounted flathead screws to secure the coil leads or mesh. Designed for use with vaping stainless steel mesh as opposed to regular coils. Vape Mesh provides a smooth flavourful vape with minimal spit back and no noise. It’s only $22.85 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA

Vaping Cheap: Dejavu DJV RDA

The DEJAVU RDA is an innovative rebuildable dripping atomizer from Malaysia following on from original DEJAVU RDTA.

It comes with an unique build deck for dual coils building. The airflow is adjustable via the side cut outs on the top cap and there are 4 airflow ducts in the build deck directing the airflow up from the juice well to hopefully reduce the chance of leaking. And the deep juice well offers more space for liquid. You get a standard 510 connector pin to use this as a dripper, but the kit also includes a bottom feed (BF) connector pin to convert this to a squonker for use on squonk mods. The DJV RDA delivers premium flavor and massive clouds.

You can get it with $42.65 from Urvapin,just following this link: Dejavu DJV RDA.

Review of FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank,the first-ever sub-ohm tank to feature dual and triple mesh coils! The New Freemax Pro Single, Dual and Triple mesh coils were optimize your e-liquid flavor, decrease ramp-up time, which helps increase your battery life. This Mesh Pro comes with slide-to-open top-refilling system for convenience and ease. The Airflow control is adjustable via dual sliding airflow slots located at the base of the tank.

The Mesh Pro from Freemax measures 25mm in base diameter and is outfitted with an adjustable gold-plated 510 pin and has an exceptionally smooth draw paired with fantastic flavor production. With the standard bulb glass you get a 4.0mL E-Juice capacity, switch to the included x-large bubble glass and upgraded to 5.0mL of e-juice capacity.

Mesh Pro Tank Features and Specifications:

25mm Base Diameter
Pyrex Glass
4mL Standard E-Juice Capacity
5mL Optional E-Juice Capcacity
Mesh Pro Coil System
Convenient Push-to-Fill Top Refilling System
Bottom Dual Adjustable Airflow
Standard 510 Base
Adjustable 510 Gold-Plated Pin
Available in 5 High-Quality Resin Colors

Package Contents:

1x Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
1x Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil
1x Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil
1x Bubble Glass 5.0mL Capacity
1x Spare Parts
User Manual

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