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Coil Master is known for its accessories, the brand launches into  rebuildable atomizers  with the Genesis RDTA , without much surprise and a little disappointing on the rendering of flavors.

A complete product

The Genesis RDTA comes in a box with a spare pyrex and a coin pocket including seals, tray screws, resistor and hex key. The realization of the atomizer is correct, without major defect but without returning the spirits so far. In use it is no problem, but it does not feel like a quality beyond the average. It will be marketed from August 21 and the price announced on the site of Coil Master is $ 29.99, which is consistent with the product.

Main characteristics

  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Height: 47 mm
  • Weight: 57 g
  • Dripip wide 12mm
  • Capacity: 6ml

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A classic achievement

For this first RDTA, Coil Master probably preferred to ensure a flawless product rather than innovate. The brand is widely known, no need to take too much risk on a first atomizer. And in fact the Genesis takes the recipes that have been proven lately.

We will start from the bottom and the 510 connection whose positive pinis more than 1mm from the thread, which is perfect if you want to mount the atomizer on a hybrid connection, you can do it safely. The threading is relatively short and does not pose any problems with any box.

The liquid filling is done by a large opening closed by the top cap . An interesting point, the very wide joint that covers all this part of the atomizer. The imperviousness is irreproachable, but it will be necessary to take care of this piece not easy to replace if it deteriorates. There is a spare in the spares, but all the same.

The airflow is very airy, almost free if it is opened completely. It can of course be adjusted by turning the upper part, to leave it open only three, two or one of the four cyclops. With only one open, there is a relatively restrictive airflow, which will be perfect for a vape at around 40 watts.

The arrangement of the openings of air favors the rendering of the flavors with the reasonable powers, when one leaves one or two opening. From three, we have a very wide air flow, and it will take a very long resistance to be in front of the holes. And with everything open, there will inevitably be openings that will not be beyond resistance, and the rendering of flavors is clearly felt.

This questionable air flow in the aerial position corresponds to the drip tip , which is 12mm wide. A very large format that quickly makes you regret a 510 adapter. No way to put the drip tip of your choice, while a less open model would undoubtedly improved the rendering of flavors with an intermediate adjustment of the airflow.

Correct rendering, no more

Another regret, the impossibility of mounting the Genesis in single coil. It will be necessary to make double coils, which will however be facilitated by the Velocity style tray . Nothing complicated for editing, this type of tray is one of the most functional. The ideal resistances are 3 mm in diameter in my opinion, it corresponds best to the passage of cotton wicks in the tray. Be careful not to over-tighten the cotton so that the air can easily enter the tank when it is going to empty, there is no small hole provided for the base of the tray.

Still, it will be difficult to find an ideal assembly with this atomizer. The best compromise seems to be a double coil to be vapered at 60 or 70 W, with two open air openings on all four. The rendering is then correct, say consistent with other similar RDTA, but we really regret not being able to optimize it with a finer drip tip. A rendering of flavors that will ultimately be correct in the best case.


Our rating: 3/5 . For its first RDTA, Coil Master offers a simple model, which takes the current standards without great innovation. A choice that can be understood given the brand’s reputation. Still, the airflow leaves little room to optimize the rendering of flavors, which will be at best correct. An atomizer a little disappointing that I do not recommend, not that it is bad, but because there is better whatever the style of vape you are looking for.

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Coil Master Genesis RDTA

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