Review of KangerTech GEM Vape Pod System kit 500mAh

Two or three years ago, KangerTech took one of the leading places in the vaping market, but then something obviously went wrong. According to some data, the management of the company has changed, which has not shown the necessary interest in the development of its brand, according to others – the company began to produce components for more famous manufacturers. The fact remains that KangerTech devices have almost completely disappeared from shop windows, and if they do appear, these are remnants of goods from the old days. Recently, the company has started to “get up off its knees”, offering vapers, although some devices, but rather interesting ones, besides at very reasonable prices. One of the new Kanger products is the GEM Vape Pod System kit, which is made in the traditional POD style and form factor. This device will please the vaper with simplicity and reliability, minimal maintenance,

General information

The KangerTech GEM Vape Pod System kit is a compact POD system equipped with a medium-capacity battery and running on replaceable cartridges with a high-resistance heating element, making it perfect for using nicotine-based liquids. The decision to release a compact system is quite logical, since it is this format that is in demand among lovers of strong liquids on salt or organic nicotine. A medium-capacity battery in combination with cartridges with a resistance of 1.2 on a ceramic heating element will allow you to get autonomous work for one or two days. The heating element made of ceramics allows not only to get a decent taste, but also significantly extend the life of the cartridge.


The manufacturer completed this POD-system to disgrace is simple, but it was not worth initially expecting a miracle from a device of this format. In a simple white box the vaper will find:

  • Battery GEM Battery Device;
  • GEM Refillable Pod cartridge;
  • USB charging cable;
  • User’s manual.

Battery GEM Battery Device

It’s not to say that the KangerTech developers invented something new and innovative when creating the GEM Vape Pod System kit, since this form factor has recently become one of the most popular. This is not so bad, because the vaper will get a compact device with smooth lines and rounded corners and edges, thanks to which the device’s ergonomics are top notch.

The KangerTech GEM Vape Pod System kit is equipped with a built-in 500 mAh battery that is charged using a standard micro USB connector located on the bottom. The manufacturer claims that you can fully charge the battery in an hour, which is not so bad for a device of this class.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this POD system is not equipped with a “fire” button and is activated when tightened. The power supplied to the evaporator is 11.5 watts, and it is constant and does not depend on the battery charge level. You can control what kind of battery charge by using LEDs located on the front panel.


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Cartridge and features of use

The fact that the KangerTech GEM Vape Pod System kit uses a replaceable cartridge is quite logical, since the device belongs to the budget segment. But do not immediately get upset, as the cartridge offered by the manufacturer is inexpensive. At the same time, the process of replacing the cartridge is as simple and fast as possible – it can be replaced literally on the go.

The GEM Refillable Pod cartridge is equipped with a ceramic heating element, so you can not only get a decent taste, but also significantly extend the life of the cartridge. Cartridge resistance is 1.2 ohms, so if you use liquids based on salt nicotine, you can get quite decent autonomy. The cartridge is held in the battery pack with the help of magnetic connectors, and it is very good, therefore, when carrying, the chance that it will fly out is minimal.

Refilling a cartridge is very simple – just remove it, turn it over, open a small cap and pour 2 ml of liquid. It is worth saying that it is best to use special vials with a metal thin spout and liquids based on salt nicotine by the ratio of VG / PG 50/50.

Conclusions and impressions

The KangerTech GEM Vape Pod System kit is a budget POD system that “doesn’t have enough stars from the sky,” but is very easy to use. The manufacturer did not look for any innovative solutions, but used time-tested developments, thanks to which the device will appeal to many vapers who are not looking for something supernatural.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Not the most convenient refueling;
  • Only one type of cartridges.


  • Small size;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Fast charge;
  • Ceramic evaporator;
  • Decent tasteful transfer.

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