Templar RDA – new implementation of Velocity – similar racks from Augvape

If you remember about the company Augvape, then the first thing that comes to mind, it’s drip a friend. It was so massively distributed on the Internet, that probably everyone knows about it. Today, a new drip – Templar RDA – is on hand. The highlight of the device is in the racks, which allow you to clamp the legs of the spiral with just one screw. A bundle of dribbling Templar and  Modefined Sirius 200w .

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Dripochka arrives in the tube. On the packaging QR-code for checking originality, as well as links to social networks. In the RDA tube, a plastic cap, a package with dopas, where the o-rings are lying, a squonk pin, an adapter for 510-x drippers, a plug for one spiral.


Information for information

Augvape Templar RDA is made from 304 SS and at the time of this article’s release it is possible in two colors: SS and Gun Metall, while the base will always be gilded, and the dome part of different colors. The device has the ability to adjust the side airflow with a three-stage detuning system, allows you to muffle the space for a single spiral with a special spacer, and replace the pin with squonk-pin.


Height without drip-type: 21 mm 
Height with drip-type: 26.7 mm 
Diameter: 24 mm



810 drip-type black, which is installed in the top cover frankly not comfortable. The edges are sharp, this is immediately felt when you start to soar. However, it is narrow and low.


Its 810 perfectly fit, so it’s better to replace the driptype immediately. It is kept in the top cover on the ring confidently. The top cover is engraved with the name of the drip, while it performs the function of adjusting the blowing.

The blowing is regulated by means of 3 blades, which are executed in the form of steps. The inner part is processed under the hemisphere. When the lid rotates clockwise, the lopost is blocked by the blowing on the skirt, first the lower slot, then the middle, and then the upper one, overlap.

Implementation of the use of RDA with a single spiral is obtained with the use of a cap. It should be noted that the plug does not fit tightly to the skirt, air is sucked, while this spacer strongly steals the volume of the tub, which is only 4.7 mm deep.

The lid is held on one o-ring in a skirt. The dome has a company engraving and two air intake openings. At the bottom, the skirt has a step so that the skirt on the landing does not fall into the base.

Deca and it is interesting here. At the base there are racks. In the upper part there is one screw, which can be screwed with both a slotted screwdriver and a cross screwdriver. 
Twisting the screw, simultaneously with it rises the rack. There are no springs!

At this point, open the holes for the installation of the legs of the spiral: two below and two on top. 
On the side, the deck has a pair of o-rings that hold the skirt.

From below, the pin does not perform well, so it is forbidden to use the drip on mechanical modes for safety reasons.


Installation of the spiral and laying of the fleece


The spirals are quite simple to install. Installation counter, unscrewed the screw counterclockwise, put the legs, tightened the screw, corrected the spiral, tightened the screw tightened.


After the spiral can be raised a little higher blowing and see how it affects the taste.

How to install the spiral, apply voltage from 40 W, we start burning spirals, so that the heating goes evenly from the center and to the edges.

After that, fill the ends of the fleece, which was measured on the first o-ring on the deck, in the bath.

rdahaWe drenched it with a needle, put on a dome and you can talk about the Templar RDA.


By the way, the plastic cap is pulled on the deck and in this kind of device you can soar. Outwardly, not everyone can like this form of cap, where there is no clearly expressed drip-type, while the matte transparency makes us sad.


Overall Impression

.Obduv tight even on wet o-rings. But once rebuilt and you can not be afraid that he will fail. The taste is given by this drupulka, reveals it to the constituent parts due to the low height and small evaporation chamber.


In addition, a 3-step blow-off system with a slot view helps. Excellent opportunities to experiment by opening or closing slots. 
A year-long dribbling of the Templar, will it enter the Veaper environment, or is the word vaper no longer fashionable today?


Cons and pros

– no pin acts so that this device can be used on mehmodah, 
– very tight blowing adjustment, if the fingers are weak, it will slip, 
-good performance, – 
convenient installation of spirals, you only need to unscrew one screw 
– three stages of the blower adjustment, 
– there are options for setting 510 and 810 drip-types, – the 
taste is bright, a good bouquet, it is important to experiment with spirals. 

Now It’s Available :Augvape Templar BF RDA

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