Tips to select the best kitchen faucets

The faucet of all the appliances and fixtures in the kitchen is undoubtedly the most used. The average family is found to use it almost forty times a day! Be it rinsing off dishes, hand washing, washing vegetables or filling pasta pot, the kitchen faucet does a great job everyday! Hence, if the plan is to buy a new one, then great care is to be taken to ensure that beauty meets functionality. Black Kitchen Faucets are excellent choices for the modern homes.

Select your preferred type

In order to derive optimum satisfaction, you can try out those which offers sleek contemporary look, antique look, something traditional and elegant or the old world rustic look. Pewter or nickel faucets are considered to be just perfect for those traditional kitchens, while bronze or copper are excellent choice for country and old world style kitchens. Stainless steel or chrome faucets do have that contemporary look.

Hole configuration

This is rather the initial thing to know prior to shopping faucets for the kitchen. Most sinks are designed with pre-holed drills to receive faucet. At times, they are fitted with accessories like soap dispenser, sprayer, filtered water or hot beverage faucet. Three holes are meant for single control faucets and one hole for single control types with accessories and sprayer. Four holes are meant for single control. If there is an apron front or under-mount sink, the holes get drilled in the countertop right behind the sink. You can choose Black Kitchen Faucets according to your preference.

Types of kitchen faucets

The type of faucet to be purchased for the kitchen, will entirely depend upon your personal preferences.

  • High arc faucets: These are just perfect to wash large pots in huge numbers, to fill vases or have large roomy sink. They are also called high neck or gooseneck faucets and offer plenty of room to work. The modern designs do come with tapered handles and beautiful flowing curves. They can easily be your kitchen’s focal point. Such faucets are used best in deep sinks to prevent splashing. Bar sink faucets mostly are of high arc type. This is to allow plenty of room to wash produce.
  • Pull down and pull out faucets: The pullout type comes fitted with spray head to pull-out towards you. The pull down type comes with spray head to pull down towards sink bottom. With both of them, it is possible to clean the sink, water plants and to wash produce. Pull outs are the most popular as they are great in function and style. The toggle control or button makes it easier to spray and have aerated steam. Some can swivel 360 degrees to provide easier access to the other sink areas.
  • Two handle faucets: They are of one cold and one hot and also popular as they do offer that classic look. It does make a wonderful Victorian fashion statement.

You can find Black Kitchen Faucets designed with single handle having side spray, touch and wall mounted ones. This way, you have plethora of options to choose from.

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Complete Guide 2018

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Complete Guide 2018

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